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Nation Flies Into RAGE Over Answers in Uvalde: ‘Police Didn’t Engage Out of Fear of Being Shot’

It is difficult to tell if one has ever met a parent who wouldn’t charge anything or anyone that posed a deadly threat to their child. Most of us meet brave civilians, teachers, and many others, who would and do put their own lives on the line for anyone’s child. When it comes to law enforcement we expect them to put their lives on the line for children. No one forced them to go into law enforcement but having done so, it is now their sworn duty to protect and serve, and give up their own safety on behalf of others.

Increasingly, it is becoming impossible to escape the fact that kids may well have died because police refused to go in to the Ulvade school, out of fear and incompetence. According to an MSNBC report (Covering the news conference), kids were calling 911 thirty minutes into the situation, from one of several classrooms at risk, with kids begging “please send the police” and that there were “eight to ten” children still alive and the suspect was still shooting.

The findings make a mockery out of Texas Governor Greg Abbot saying “as horrible as it is to believe, this could have been worse.” Yes, and as horrible as it is to believe, it could have been much better:

During a 911 call at 12:21 there are shots heard over the call. At that point, the shooter had been in the school for 40 minutes and the school had law enforcement surrounding the building. An expert on MSNBC called it the worst law enforcement failure in modern history. From Mediaite:

A Texas Department of Public Safety official said responding officers were cautious as they entered Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas because “they could’ve been shot.”


Yes, we are placing this image in every story about Uvalde. We want you to see their faces. God, they mattered.

See, that’s the problem because there were others that could be and would be shot, children that did not have guns. It is disgusting and Americans are in absolute rage at the law enforcement on the scene.

Above, kids were still calling 911. They are lying. They were scared.

And we will leave on this because I cannot tell you how fcking sick I am of this damned AR-15 and every good Republican has to have one and be pictured with one:



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