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Steve Schmidt Goes Viral as He Ruthlessly Takes on ‘EVIL’ Ultra-MAGA: ‘They are a Mob of Thugs, Conspiracy Theorists, Fascists, Crooks, Weirdos and Scumbags!’

Steven Schmidt is a complicated guy.

For years and years, he was part of the Republican problem, having run the McCain campaign. These were post-Bush Republicans, and the voter I.D. stuff and Citizen’s United were in the works (Citizen’s United was decided in 2010, the court case was filed years earlier), and we were bombing brown people under Republican leadership. But John McCain was also a man who took the microphone out of an old lady’s hand who had said Obama “isn’t even a citizen and was born in Kenya” and McCain said “No, ma’am. He is a good man whom I disagree with.” It was a different time.

Steve Schmidt was a longtime adviser to John McCain, including during his run for president in 2008.

Schmidt recognized the Trump movement for what it was, immediately. It was racism as a spear for fascism and he predicted Trump’s moves at every stage. In response, Schmidt helped form a movement of former Republicans against Trump and they make a lot of money in that movement. He has endured some criticism for that even though they could make a lot more money sticking to the Right side of things. They are also fearless and relentless.

Schmidt also saw what everyone else saw. Russia was feeding money in the NRA – which suddenly went bankrupt and politicians don’t really count anymore after the discovery was made, to buy Republican politicians. Trump was obviously compromised, Johnson, Tucker, Tulsi (former Democrat) and Marjorie are now fighting on Russia’s behalf, carefully, as Russia butchers Ukraine.

Two days ago, Biden called out the United States’ problem with the “ultra -MAGA” position, and we noted that it was good to see Biden fight because that is all the MAGAs know. But we were then told by Republicans that this was uncivil and that Biden was senile and bad for calling out fellow Americans.

Steve Schmidt was a co-founder of The Lincoln Project, and was a campaign operative for President George W. Bush, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Sen. John McCain. And now he’s as anti-Trump as a Republican can get.

Schmidt has had enough. He wants to see Democrats fighting much harder, including Biden because he sees fascism just two years away.

He broke Twitter and is trending near the top.


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