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Twitter Goes INSANE Over Hungary’s Fascist President Praising Tucker Carlson: ‘Should Be on the Air 24/7!’

Viktor Orban is not a good guy. Indeed, outside of Putin, and Belarus’s Lukashenko, Orban would likely be considered Europe’s furthest Right “populist” leader, a Trump on steroids who also knows what he’s doing, a proto-Nazi. He is extremely dangerous and that’s almost surely why CPAC went to Hungary this weekend!

Yes, you read that right, CPAC Brazil with Bolsonaro has predictably begat CPAC Hungary, one step further right. Next time they’ll say “fck it,” and go straight to Moscow. What’s the point of hiding anymore? Notice there is no “CPAC Sweden,” or “CPAC Ireland.” No, they confine themselves to mature populist borderline openly fascist movements, and that is exactly the feel they got upon landing in Budapest:

According to The Guardian:

The Hungarian leader, Viktor Orbán, has told a conference of US conservatives that the path to power required having their own media outlets, calling for shows like Tucker Carlson’s to be broadcast “24/7”.

Tucker has had Viktor Orban on his show. No shame whatsoever.

Orbán, recently elected to a fourth term, laid out a 12-point blueprint to achieving and consolidating power to a special meeting of the CPAC, under the slogan of “God, Homeland, Family”, held in Budapest.

“Of course, the GOP has its media allies but they can’t compete with the mainstream liberal media. My friend, Tucker Carlson is the only one who puts himself out there,” he said. “His show is the most popular. What does it mean? It means programs like his should be broadcasted day and night. Or as you say 24/7.”

And, as if that were not bad enough:

“We have to take back the institutions in Washington and Brussels. We must find allies in one another and coordinate the movements of our troops.”

Read the specific wording. He is not talking about Hungarian troops or American troops. He is talking about “allies in one another,” meaning the Nazis underground that follows Tucker and the Great Replacement theory and “coordinate movements of our troops.” Stormtroopers, S.S.

Strange for an American political commentator to become so buddy-buddy with such an evil man, don’t you think?

If this doesn’t send shudders down your spine nothing can. Those of us with children and grandchildren under 18 would leave them a completely different world should this country and others fall under the rule of people like Orbon or Trump again. Hell, people have mentioned Tucker himself running. We could easily fall into fascism under the “veneer” of a Constitution, just like Russia, and just like Hungary, both countries have elections and laws. They just don’t mean anything. Isn’t Trump already there?

Twitter went insane:

This is the scariest story seen since Putin invaded.


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