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White Nationalist MAGA Leader and Incel Nick Fuentes Says ‘Having Sex with Women is Gay’

And they say the left is crossing gender lines and making a bilateral world all confusing.

Nick Fuentes is the Neo Nazi leader and Holocaust denier who has organized conferences that have featured Marjorie Taylor-Greene and Rep. Paul Gosar, Idaho Lt. Gov. Janice McGeachin, and Arizona state Sen. Wendy Rogers. He is not just some irrelevant guy, he is dangerous, and his hatred runs deep.

Nick Fuentes and his America First movement is truly one of the worst and most vile people on the planet. Photo by Zach D Roberts/Getty Images

He is also not right in the head about other things that aren’t as enraging as they are just weird:

“I think if anything [being an incel] it makes me less gay. If anything, it makes me not gay as opposed to less gay, not that there’s any gay, but it makes me not gay.

“If we’re really being honest, never having a girlfriend, never having sex with a woman really makes you more heterosexual because honestly, dating women is gay, having sex with women is gay.

“And having sex with men is gay. Really it’s all gay. The only really straight heterosexual position is to be an asexual incel. That’s it. That’s all there is.

“Having sex in itself is gay, I think. I think that it’s really a gay act. Think about it this way: What’s gayer than being like ‘I need cuddles. I need kisses.’

“It’s all very sus to me. ‘I need to spend time with a woman’. I think, really, I’m like the straightest guy.

Well, Nick, I can somewhat relate because I’m an incel myself, though my off-on celibacy is due exclusively to the price of air travel into and out of LA and a daughter’s school calendar. This leads to long periods of being very involuntarily celibate and it absolutely does make me less “gay” in that I was simply born hetero and being away from “her” for long periods does, in fact, make me one of the strongest raging heteros on earth. And if sex with a woman is gay, then on those occasions when Delta or Southwest brings us together, I guess I’m gayer than Liberace and Ellen’s love child. It’s awesome, with rainbows everywhere.

But what isn’t awesome is that none of this matters to this freak. The guy’s mind is sick and full of hate, and he’s become normalized by politicians, even in the U.S. Congress, attending his events. Just as he is unapologetically homo-con, he is also a proud neo-Nazi.

Oh look at that…Fuentes is with Marjorie Taylor Greene, who says she has never met Fuentes who is also a Holocaust denier.

The fact that he has an audience, and he does, is more frightening than the above “thought process.”




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