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Cowardly Jim Jordan Says Yet Another Dumb Thing About the Jan 6 Hearings and Twitter Let’s Him Have It

In the news today, Jim Jordan is defending Trump with near no material. A few days ago, members of the Colbert comedy team were arrested for violating the rules of their Capitol permit to shoot a video spoof in the Capitol. It is the only “material” Jordan has to do anything for Trump. One almost wants to pity Jordan, but of course that won’t happen.

To Jim Jordan, this demonstrates the Democrats are utter hypocrites when it comes to evaluating, investigating, and possibly prosecuting Democrats involved in a scheme to… shoot a spoof video. It is probably important to remember that Democrats did not want to hang the Vice President, interfere with a valid election, allow thousands to injure and traumatize Capitol Police, while also threatening and endangering poll workers and legislators, all the while trying to stop the investigation at every turn, lying about one’s role, refusing to participate and not acknowledging any wrongdoing. “The greatest moment…”

Jim Jordan says they’re the same, basically:

Jim Jordan says the J6 Committee shouldn’t be taken seriously because they allowed staff from Stephen Colbert’s show into the Capitol.

Well, that is one way to make an ass of oneself and Jim Jordan has a talent like few others. It is an absolutely absurd assertion, however, it does function as an admission as to just how little Jordan has to work with and how he and the others have been flying blind throughout this ordeal. They have no real retort and Twitter was more than happy to point it out.

Yes, the consensus seems to be that Jordan is acting out of fear. He has to say something because he cannot let it just pass by unchallenged. Unshockingly, Jordan sets aside all pride and picks something this absurd. The scared little baby? He sure is.


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