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Eric Swalwell Destroys Madison Cawthorn with Three Word Tweet and it is Pure Gold

One would think that Madison Cawthorn, staring down a termination date of January 3rd or 4th of 2023, would be a bit quiet. He has already caused enough trouble by calling on “Dark MAGA” to take over. As we have said before, we refuse to use the cartoonish name, “Dark MAGA” and will label it what it is, neo-fascist MAGA, more aggressive than before, the one that is eyeing a confrontation that goes well beyond the last one.

That is what got Cawthorn in trouble in the first place and why even his voters couldn’t stomach the thought of him representing them one more term. Cawthorn did the near impossible. He won a seat in a very conservative district and managed to be too embarrassingly conservative for his own district. That is extremely impressive.

But evidently, Cawthorn will not go quietly into that good night and he continues to insist upon banging on the “feeble-brained” theory that pervades the far far right. Yesterday, Cawthorn felt the need to issue this tweet:

And in a brilliant maneuver, Swalwell responds, not with any sort of engagement but with wonder and the ultimate insult, essentially ignoring Cawthorn:

Absolutely perfect and Twitter loved it:


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