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Former AG Reveals the ‘Smoking Gun’ for Criminally Charging Trump — Others React to the Shocking Testimony

One heard months ago the outline of the testimony that was to come. But it’s only when one hears it from the mouths of those impacted, the details, the fear, Trump’s recklessness, the fact that Trump heard over and over and over again that he lost the election and that Trump did not care, demanding that people break the law and their oath. The entire matter hit home today with thunder that couldn’t be ignored.

The hearing shocked everyone even though we generally knew what to expect. From Jake Tapper:

All right, there it is. The end of a very disturbing day of testimony from top officials of the Trump Justice Department, talking about how Donald Trump tried to weaponize the justice department to steal the election from not just Joe Biden, but from the American people”

“We had testimony today, Jamie Gangel from Mark Meadows, the White House chief of staff, one of his top aides talking about the Republican members of Congress who reached out to try to get a pardon because of their participation in this scheme.

Jamie Gangel:

“Members of Congress who have been saying they never did anything such thing, the committee had the receipts.”

“There was an email there from Mo Brooks (R-AL), the headline was, the slug was ‘pardons,’ and they had testimony from several White House aides, Cassidy Hutchison, Johnny McEntee, others from the White House counsel’s office, Eric Hershmann, each saying that these congressmen had reached out. Mo Brooks (R-AL), Matt Gaetz (R-FL), [Louie] Gohmert (R-TX), Scott Perry (R-PA), Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) according to Cassidy Hutchison, she heard she reached out to the White House counsel’s office.

Below, devastating:

“And as Adam Kinzinger said at the end, you ask for a pardon if you have done something wrong.”

More Below the video:

Preet Bharara.

“Jan. 6 committee outlines how GOP congressman Scott Perry pushed to restructure Justice Department.”

Eric Holder:

“All lawyers involved in the plot to stop the transfer of power as part of the 1/6 conspiracy must be disbarred. This is the smoking gun.”

Harry Littman:

“We knew the outlines of the story, but the details are, again, stunning — a brazen & almost certainly criminal attempt to undo the election. And we heard many more new names, eg Ken Klukowski and Victor Blackwell– all of whom are co-conspirators and potential cooperators.

Yes, today changed everything. It is almost impossible to imagine DOJ not charging Trump at this point.


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