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Listen to Trump’s Response When Asked Whether He’ll Be ‘Taken Out of Mar-a-Lago in Shackles’

In an interview with ex-president Donald Trump, right-wing/conspiracy fancier radio host Wayne Allyn Root discussed the Jan. 6 committee and speculated that Democrats hoped to see the former president in prison.

Well, hey, it would be a good start, and yes Democrats want this. The good ones, anyway.

Root, however, is very perturbed at this thought, and on his syndicated radio program The Wayne Allyn Root Show, he focused on the arrest and indictment of Peter Navarro, Trump’s former trade adviser on charges of Contempt of Congress, The Independent reports. So of course he couldn’t help but ask a question that probably made Trump squirm internally.

“When they arrest a Peter Navarro, who’s next?” Root wondered. “Are they gonna try and take you out of Mar-a-Lago in shackles? This is insanity!”

Here’s the part where I come in and say if this is “insanity” it would be the good kind of insanity. After everything Trump has done, I hope he’s sweating this out every day.

Navarro had a rough afternoon after being released from jail following his arrest for contempt.

Trump didn’t react to Root’s descriptive image of himself being shackled, perhaps because, unlike so many of us, he finds that image unpleasant. Even though it’s the same exact suggestion he had for 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Trump continually attacked her over her use of a private email server at the State Department and excoriated her over a litany of imaginary crimes.

And as the Jan. 6 committee continues to find out more bad news about Trump thanks to testimony from those in his inner circle who revealed his attempts to pursue more and more conspiracy theories, even as they tried to discourage him from doing so, his mood continues to sour.

Trump has accused the committee of waging an unfair smear campaign aimed at his political interests. This, despite the fact that even members of his own family have appeared on camera to testify before the committee and refute his claims of election fraud.

Speculation is now swirling as to whether Trump will face criminal charges over the attack on the U.S. Capitol. Republican Rep. Adam Kinzinger (Illinois) noted Sunday that he believes the panel has uncovered sufficient evidence to charge Trump with seditious conspiracy against the United States.

In this Jan. 6, 2021, photo rioters loyal to Donald Trump storm the U.S. Capitol in Washington. (AP)

Ultimately, the final say goes to the Justice Department as to whether Trump will face criminal charges. So far it hasn’t indicted anyone of note from the Trump administration or campaign in connection with the deadly riot.

So many of us hope to see Trump in that orange jumpsuit. Maybe it’ll happen. Maybe not. All I can say is “stay tuned.”

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