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Marjorie Taylor Greene Posts Cryptic Video of Her Walking Inside Capitol Tunnels and People are Wondering What it Means

Marjorie Taylor-Greene is associated with January 6th even though there has yet to be any evidence directly linking her to the actual events of that fateful day. So how do we know she is linked? Easily, she told us.

We now know without a doubt that Trump was planning the alternate electors scheme at that point in time, openly, with “members of Congress” according to Mark Meadows’s aide Cassidy Hutchinson. So Marjorie Taylor Greene was involved with the January 6th by her own admission. (She wasn’t even a sworn member of Congress at the time of the White House meeting. Come on.)

We also know that Rep. Loudermilk was giving reconnaissance tours of the Capitol which included insurrectionists filming and taking pictures of stairways and tunnels around the Capitol. Was Marjorie involved with giving tours and planning action beneath the Capitol?

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, Republican of Georgia, holds up a “Stop the Steal” mask while speaking with fellow first-term Republican members of Congress on the steps of the US Capitol in Washington, DC, Jan. 4, 2021. (Saul Loeb/AFP via Getty Images)

We really don’t know but we do know that today she released an absolutely bizarre video of her walking through the tunnels under the Capitol. The video accompanies days in which January 6th is the subject of the hearings and getting serious penetration with the American public. It seems odd that she would release this video, today. Unless she just thinks she has a nice body from behind and that is as crazy a reason to release a video as any.

There is one last point to make coming from the comments. It is impossible not to notice that there has been no progress in the FBI investigation into who set the pipe devices near the RNC and DNC headquarters on January 5th. Many people have concluded that the gait and the stretching out of the arms on a bench indicate a woman (the arms perhaps pulling at a bra) and there have been a few very very very hard-to-discern pictures of a nose and eyes that some believe are pictures of Marjorie.

As far as this website is concerned, Marjorie may have been capable of performing such a job but there is no evidence against her.

A ‘Jewish space laser’ sounds funny. But Marjorie Taylor Greene’s anti-Semitism is no laughing matter. Photo by Saul Loeb/AFP via Getty Images

So here is the cryptic tweet and a lot of speculation below it:

Are we making too big a deal out of it? Maybe. But why on earth did she post this video? She must have had a reason.


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