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Marjorie Taylor Greene Posts Pic of Her Shooting Gun With a Message That Almost Seems Like a Threat

Marjorie Taylor Greene is a modern Donald Trump Republican.

Despite the fact that Trump has probably not picked up a gun in his entire life and, having lived in New York City and having a distinct fear of anything that could possibly touch and kill him (With guns, we think that is quite possibly the most sensible policy Trump could have), it is, however, very necessary for all of Trump’s followers to be pictured with guns, maybe Junior and Eric make up for the lack of dad gun pics. Trump is the only one that need not be pictured with a gun.

Sorry, but we still cannot see the picture of a gun and not think of those precious children in Uvalde, especially with the violent shots fired below. How does a person pull the trigger, feel the power, and not picture those children? One has to be a Marjorie Taylor Greene type, the type that has hardened herself to the point where guns are good in any circumstances. After all, the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun are gun laws that ensure the bad guy doesn’t have a gun!

We learned in Uvalde that good guys with guns don’t necessarily do anything to help with the problems. The Texas Public Safety administration has said that the police had everything they needed to follow the gunman into the school three minutes after he entered, a fact that will haunt the families just as long as the loss.

But how does one release a picture like this and not think of the person on the other end?

Unbelievable. One can see the violence literally exploding out the barrel. And again, little baby bodies on the receiving end. Disgusting.

Twitter had some thoughts:


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