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Marjorie Taylor Greene Threatens to Hold Her Own J6 Committee Hearings if They Don’t Do as She Says

Perhaps you have noticed. So far, we have not heard any testimony regarding which members of Congress aided and abetted what we now know would have been a violent, gun on gun coup, had Trump actually been able to lead his weaponized army up to the Capitol. Yes, we have heard testimony regarding five Representatives that asked for pardons, Marjorie Taylor Greene being among them, but we have yet to hear what various members of Congress knew and when.

We DO know that Jim Jordan and Mark Meadows were in near-continuous contact on January 6th, we can assume that we will be hearing testimony about members of Congress. And that could easily be very bad news for Marj. After all, when you ask for a pardon, only to be turned down, you sort of live a nervous life.

Speaking of nervous lives, the revelation that Trump lunged at a Secret Service agent’s throat was nowhere near the most important testimony yesterday, it wasn’t even the most important testimony that happened in the car (The fact that Trump wanted to lead his army is the evidence that will be used against him in any charge for seditious conspiracy). But it is the most enduring imagery and is what will stick in people’s minds. The MAGAs know this and have been pushing back hard, saying that both Secret Service members “want to testify” that it never happened.

One problem, Robert Engel, the senior agent with Trump that day, has already testified to the Committee on June 6th. There is no way that the Committee would let Hutchinson bury her credibility by leading her through a lie. But Marjorie Taylor Greene is convinced that both agents will refute the testimony that Trump lunged at the wheel and the throat, so Marj is now threatening to hold her own January 6th hearing.

Who wants to tell her? The Republicans promised us that they would form their own committee and never did. We wonder why? If Marj is going to form a committee she better hurry because she might well be the subject of the next hearing. Remember this?


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