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Mick Mulvaney Tells Jake Tapper He Thinks Mark Meadows Had a ‘Nervous Breakdown’ and is ‘Completely Incompetent’

Well, the testimony of Cassidy Hutchinson on Tuesday is still causing ripples through the political world, with everyone going crazy over the idea that Donald Trump physically lunged at his Secret Service agent, amongst other horrible things.

One of Trump’s former Chief of Staffs, Mick Mulvaney, appeared on CNN to discuss the testimony, and had rather bad things to say about both Trump and Mark Meadows, but very positive things to say about Hutchinson.

Host Jake Tapper started by saying, “Cassidy Hutchinson gave some remarkable testimony about Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, seemingly unwilling to engage. What did you make of her recollection that, you know, she or Tony Ornato or Pat Cipollone, people were trying to tell him things and he was sitting on a sofa, scrolling on his phone, unresponsive, especially, you know, when the Secret Service and she were trying to tell Meadows about the threat of violence.”

“That struck me personally. That was my sofa. I’ve used that sofa and it was my office. It was my fireplace he was sitting by,” Mulvaney answered, and continued, “I understand exactly what that, what the dynamics are there and the visual image of Cassidy coming to the, to the door maybe with Pat there, maybe Pat there a little bit afterward and trying to talk to Mark and Mark not even looking up, according to Cassidy, and just staring at his phone.”

“And then they have to sort of interrupt him to make sure he’s paying attention. It sends a very disturbing image of what the West Wing was like,” Mulvaney added.

“I was actually texting with a colleague of mine who was in the West Wing at the time, and I said, ‘Look, was Mark just completely incompetent or was he having a nervous breakdown?’” Mulvaney added, obviously surprised by Meadows’ behavior.

“And the response was that it was a little bit of both. The West Wing was clearly broken, clearly broken. And the testimony yesterday actually made me feel bad for some of the good people who were still there to have to work in that environment with a chief of staff who was so obviously disengaged,” he added.

“Again, according to what Cassidy said yesterday, very, very disturbing for me to hear that as a former chief of staff,” Mulvaney concluded.

I think we know the truth. Meadows was the ultimate yes-man. He couldn’t say no to Trump and knew if he did, there would be hell to pay. He knew that Trump was going crazy, and there’s no way Meadows would’ve been honest with Trump, as that would’ve only made Trump angrier. Meadows job was to agree with Trump…period.


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