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Neil Cavuto HAMMERS Brett Baier for Trying to Downplay January 6th

Listen to Brett Baier say that the House Select Committee is not proving its case that our democracy was threatened. This is stunning:

Listen, the premise here from the chairman, Bennie Thompson, and Liz Cheney is that we were on the brink of losing our democracy.

“If anything, I think this testimony shows, not only the Arizona House Speaker, all of the state officials, these officials in DOJ — who again were working for President Trump — stood up, saying we have an oath to the Constitution.”

“If anything, I think it proves that we were not close to that. And even though the president wanted to keep on trying to overturn the election that there were patriots along the way who said we can’t do this. And so I’m not sure that premise sells with all the witnesses they’re putting forward.”

There is no question there were patriots all over the place but most of what we’ve heard so far are these patriots making it more difficult for Trump to steal the election. Trump still had a plan for January 6th and his pressure on Pence. Had Trump just succeeded with Pence, Trump likely wins the election, which is a dire threat to democracy.

Cavuto utterly destroyed Baier’s argument:

“But if one of them had buckled, it would be a very different moment.”

Just one. Had Rosen buckled, DOJ would have been saying there was fraud and Pence would have had reason to reject the electors. Had Arizona sent official alternate electors, signed off on by Speaker Bowers, other states could have followed its lead. And we haven’t even heard from Mike Pence. One person standing in the way of democracy? That’s awfully damned close and the Committee has proven there were many “single” persons that kept democracy alive.

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