Next Two Hearings: Bannon, Navarro, Giuliani, AND Jordan, Boebert, Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley

Opinion Piece:

The House Select Committee has built a compelling narrative for history, preserving the facts as to “what actually happened” is likely, in the end, over three to six generations, more important than prosecuting Trump himself. They say history is written by the winners. Democrats won in 2020 and thank God, the Committee is writing that history. But the Committee is also building a criminal case, akin to presenting the facts to a grand jury. It is not a trial. A trial requires defense cross-examinations, rules of evidence, a chance to put on defense witnesses, including the defendant, and proof beyond a reasonable doubt. The Committee wants their narrative to be an indictment of all who participated in what they clearly believe to be a seditious conspiracy.

So far, the Committee has held hearings that have reset the violence, showing us scenes that have never been televised before, taking us back to the brutality of the day. They held a hearing to demonstrate just how clear it was to Trump that he lost, that he knew he lost, that he didn’t care that he lost. (The Ivanka hearing). The Committee held a hearing that set out the fake electors scheme, a plan that everyone knew to be illegal, required massive organization, and had been hatched very early, prior to the election even. The next hearing focused the pressure Trump put on DOJ to sign off on fraud, the hearing set the stage for Trump’s own criminality, having just heard that he lost and everything was illegal, Trump didn’t care and used the government as his own attorney. Finally, the Committee took us inside the White House and held the “Mark Meadows” hearing, and laid waste to every Trump defense. In many ways, the Committee already has set out enough evidence to indict Trump.

But Trump wasn’t the only conspirator and we still haven’t learned how the plan for January 6th came together. Mark Meadows is the bridge, the common link, between Donald Trump, and the people who “made January 6th go,” the generals in the war room, Navarro, Bannon, Stone, Giuliani, etc., and the princes and princesses in Congress, namely Jim Jordan (“You fcking did this!”), Marjorie Taylor Greene (Video below), Lauren Boebert “It’s 1776,” and the others that asked for pardons, along with two Senators, the two who first pledged to object, a critical component of the plan, Cruz and Hawley wanted a 10-day investigation in the states “to be sure,” and give Trump a request to make if and when Trump reached the House floor.

The next two hearings will likely break down to cover: A) The planning, which will demonstrate that Trump was in on the plan all along, a Proud Boy had been in the White House days before January 6th. It will involve the “Green Bay Sweep” as Navarro called it, the possible plan to move Pence out of the building (as Trump came in?). The hearing could involve an explanation as to why the Pentagon delayed sending troops, and delay it did. “The plan” required the Pentagon hold off on the National Guard. And who in the Secret Service knew what?

And B), my prediction for the last hearing, will tie the members of Congress who participated in the conspiracy to the plan itself, how much each member knew, and what they were required to do. Was Boebert intentionally tweeting out Pelosi’s location? What did she know the morning of the 6th when she tweeted it “1776”? Why was Marjorie Taylor-Greene at a meeting on December 22nd, 2020 at the White House, she wasn’t even a sworn member of Congress. How much did Laudermilk know when he gave his reconnaissance tour? Why did Jim Jordan spend the entire morning on the phone with Donald Trump?

Last, who put the thought into Josh Hawley’s and Ted Cruz’s heads (at nearly the same time) that they were to object to the electors and ask for a ten-day delay? Did they get any kind of an explanation as to why? How much did they know?

That is how I see this going. We know that there will be at least two more hearings. One must necessarily focus on the precise plan, from the buses to the war rooms, who did what, and what was the plan? The Committee may add a hearing if more compelling evidence comes in tying Trump to that plan. It will add that hearing as it did with Cassidy Hutchinson. We may get a hearing based solely on documentary footage provided by Alex Holder, who is currently under armed guard.

But without a doubt, the last hearing will be dedicated to the conspiracy in Congress. After having set out every single other element of this violent coup, nailing Trump himself for an indictment, only then will the Committee present evidence as to which of their colleagues participated in the coup and their jobs. They want to put their accusations as to other members off until the very end when all the damning evidence is out on the table and they will want it done in prime time.

I suggest we watch, history will surely be tuned in. Here is Marjorie again, we’ll never let this video be forgotten, we publish it so often that I have it bookmarked. We want all to remember. (There are even some on Twitter – – with almost no evidence – – who believe that MGT planted the pipes at the DNC and near the RNC. It is highly unlikely, it’s not impossible).


[email protected], @JasonMiciak, with Nicole Hickman

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