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Nutty Trump Endorsed Gov Candidate Kari Lake is Celebrating the 4th of July in the Tackiest Way Possible

Some of us remember when 4th of July was celebrated in parks with bands and fireworks. Not Republicans. That’s not “real America” anymore. Celebrating America means celebrating guns.

Sorry, but this site has come to the belief that as horrible as it would be, as traumatic as it would be, it is time to start showing pictures of dead bodies from mass shootings. Yes, kids, too. Pictures change cultures. They changed the tide of the Vietnam war. Pictures pushed the Civil Rights movement. If the Republicans are going to continue to worship at the altar of the 2nd Amendment and their “right to defend themselves,” then they are obligated to look at the price they are forcing society to pay.

Lake has totally changed her personality into every TRUMP

A lot of us believe that school shootings have been utterly sanitized. Mass shootings generally have been sanitized. They all look the same. There is a school or a Walmart or something in the background of a video shot. There are 30 police cars present with lights flashing, yellow tape everywhere, flowers, families, neighbors, and officials crying. We see pictures of healthy kids or victims smiling during great times. That’s it.

So some of us are still too stunned by Uvalde and furious about the Republican party’s refusal to do anything, anything at all, to have to put up with this. Look at this sign. It is for the Kari Lake campaign (She is the Trump choice for the Republican nomination for governor of Arizona, and do notice the Marylyn Monroe “come hither” blowing you a kiss stance, Republican men are suckers for… ), and she wants to invite everyone to celebrate America!

Lake is also a huge hypocrite – screaming about drag queens being “groomers”, but it turns out she’s friends with drag queens and has had them over at her home.

This is how they celebrate their country, at a gun range, where one has the chance to shoot a machine gun, and at a discount rate of just $20! Sorry, but some of us think that it would take an awfully sick person to shoot that gun right now and not think of baby bodies down. It makes us throw up:



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