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Ted Cruz Once Again Totally Humiliates Himself on Twitter — This Time With an Elmo Tweet

Ted Cruz specializes in being a brilliant legal mind while concurrently being a complete fcking moron in real life. Other than Ron Johnson who occupies a category of his own, has any senator been able to bring about more negative coverage by thinking he’s clever, only to very much regret it afterward?

Today, the Babylon Bee, a sort of conservative version of the hall of fame humorous “The Onion,” did a story on “Elmo” (Sesame Street) dying of myocarditis, the implication is that Elmo’s death was caused by the vaccine. Ted tweets, “I wish this was satire.”

Clearly, Cruz knows it is satire. So what is Ted saying? That he believes that this happens? That the vaccine does kill children, but does not protect them from COVID? It sounds like it. And that is as offensive as anything Ted Cruz has ever said because there are far more families grieving the death of their young child due to COVID than there are families who have grieved over a death from the vaccine. (Which, we’re not sure there’s been a child’s death caused by the vaccine.)

The story goes on to imply that Big Pharma is the only winner in all this by issuing vaccines that are more dangerous than the disease itself. Big pharma is certainly a criminal syndicate in the prices it charges for normal medicines (See Mark Cuban’s online pharmacy charges with 15% markup profit compared to the hundreds/thousands charged by monopolistic companies and collusion.) So big pharma is definitely evil and overpaid. But big pharma also delivered a vaccine that works. Ask anyone over 70 whether they want the vaccine. They will answer “yes,” having no time to play politics.

So this bizarre thing happened:

And that got Cruz hammered. Think about grieving families, none of whom have time for Cruz’s “satire.”


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