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The MAGAs are Absolutely Furious the Left Called Barron Trump ‘Tall’: ‘Leave Him Alone!’

Yesterday, this site reported on a simple picture on the net that had gone very viral, one that showed that Barron Trump has grown up to be a tall young man. We even went so far as to say that one might find him to be handsome, too. Absolutely no one insulted Barron in any way. And this photo is a year old…taken last Father’s Day, so he’s probably even taller now.

Indeed, at least at this site, we noted how we’d always felt a bit sorry for Barron because his father – the president of the United States – never seemed to take Barron to the Superbowl, the World Series, or even to a rocket launch (He was a young teen boy! What could be cooler!).

Well. We won’t say it was because of our article alone, but Barron Trump is currently trending because some have alleged that Fox News said that we should leave Barron Trump alone. This site couldn’t find the alleged Fox quote, and thus we seriously doubt it exists. We did find this quote by the serial tweeter, author, and ass, Nick Adams, who was run out of Australia for being to big a jerk, and it now has 20,000 responses:

The far-leftist media? We aren’t “far” left, just left. And pointing out that a person is tall is certainly not an insult, nor does it impact Barron in any way. A lot of people would find being noticed as “tall” as a compliment. Our society has a terrible height bias. If a guy is 5’10 (which is still an inch taller than the average man’s height around the world, Americans are taller due to better diets), he has less of an opportunity in certain areas in business than the guy who is 6’6. It is just is, and no, it’s not far.

We found this but it wasn’t some heavily seen tweet:

Pointing out that Barron Trump is tall is entirely neutral and factual. It is like pointing out that he is a person. Taking Barron Trump’s side in wishing that he’d been given more opportunities is, well, being humane and taking Barron’s side. Sue us. Actually, Mel, don’t even think about it.

Regardless, somehow, Barron Trump was trending, and the left had a little bit to say about the outrage in calling Barron “tall.”

There was a lot of back and forth, such as this:

Some people had fun with it:

Hunter Biden is an adult who has made many mistakes (And we’re not talking about addiction, which is a disease, we’re talking stupid, dumb, selfish mistakes – yet to be seen whether he committed any crimes). Hunter is 100% free game and so is Ivanka, Jared, Don Jr., Eric Trump, and Tiffany.

Here is one thing that we found entertaining. The Right was very quick to point out that Barron is a good upstanding young man. Sooooo, it’s okay to comment on Barron so long as its an obvious compliment? Additionally, they went on to talk about Barron versus Hunter Biden. Barron is sixteen. Let’s see where he stands when he’s 40. We hope he doesn’t have to go through the hell that is addiction (which some believe has a grip on his older half-brother) and then see if he is like his half-siblings in other ways.

There were many like the above.

And again, back to the general dynamic:


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