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Trump Considering a Public Appearance to Distract People From Watching First Primetime Jan 6 Riot Hearing

Ex-president Donald Trump, his cronies, along with top House GOP leadership and conservative groups, has started compiling documents and making a major behind the scenes effort to bombard the Jan. 6 committee’s televised hearings with counter-program, and there’s even talk that Trump himself may make an appearance, according to one unnamed source, per Axios.

Why are Republicans pulling this? Because there’s going to be a war of words. The Jan. 6 committee has been gearing up for this for months, in the hopes that the wall of summer hearings will paint a vivid picture of just how close Trump and his minions came to destroying democracy.

So Republicans plan to deal with the wall-to-wall cable coverage by also using platforms to contend that the committee is a partisan fishing expedition that is short on legal legitimacy. They hope to use this framing to minimize whatever negative revelations will be uncovered during the hearings.

Axios reports Trump and his flying monkeys hope to rely on members of Congress to push the counter-programming. It looks like this is going to include House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.), Reps. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), Jim Banks (R-Indiana), and Elise Stefanik (R-New York), all of whom will do whatever they can to divert attention away from the hearings.

Those in cahoots with Trump have been working with members of Congress, the RNC, and outside groups (especially PACs like the Conservative Political Action Committee) to consolidate their opposing narrative.

Sources are saying that Matt Schlapp, Trump’s former White House political director and current chair of CPAC, has been leading the effort.

These surrogates are arming themselves for bear, grabbing all the tools they need to build their offense, Republicans say. They are even going so far as dig up old documents and White House logs to provide Trump surrogates with all the details leading up to Jan.6, 2021, and beyond.

These people will be spreading like ants across the airwaves, especially on conservative networks and social media platforms that are likely to be favorable to their cause. Where can you expect this to happen? Why, on Fox News, Steve Bannon’s War Room, Real America’s Voice, Facebook, and of course, on Trump’s own Truth Social and Save America PAC, of course. Where else?

But wait, there’s more: Congress members and other conservative “influencers” will be bombarding publications with op-eds and pushing their own rapid responses on their own social media.

And numerous House Republicans and wannabe GOP members of the Jan.6 committee plan to meet early next week to go over strategies that may be used, one source told Axios.

Quite obviously there is nothing Republicans will stop at to defend their disgraced pariah of an ex-president. But to really know what’s planned you may want to read Axios’s excellent compilation of the goings-on. Maybe truth really is stranger than fiction.

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