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Trump Family Reportedly Has ‘Some Anxiety’ About What They Said in New Jan. 6 Footage

Recently revealed footage by British documentarian Alex Holder apparently has Trump family members a bit worried and New York Times senior political correspondent Maggie Haberman was on hand to discuss the situation during an interview on CNN, Mediaite reports. Some of the worries stem from a part of the footage that shows Ivanka Trump contradicting the statements she made to the House Committee investigating the January 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol Building.

In her testimony before the committee, Trump said she respected former Attorney General Bill Barr’s findings that widespread voter fraud did not occur during the 2020 election. Yet that isn’t what she told Holder, and as summarized by Haberman on CNN’s program New Day, Ivanka said her father, former President Donald Trump, “should keep fighting, that he should exhaust every legal remedy.” Holder is set to meet with the committee on Thursday, having recently turned over the exclusive footage. Haberman decided to watch part of that footage, which included the interview with Ivanka Trump.

She noted that “what she (Ivanka) said under oath is what she actually believed, but what she said in that video is at odds and it was a real reminder of how little people were saying to Donald Trump’s face about what they thought about what he was doing.”

Ivanka Trump testified on June 9th, 2022 that she believed former AG Barr when he said that the election was not stolen, saying, “I respect Attorney General Barr, so I accepted what he was saying.”

According to Haberman, the footage that she watched included three interviews with Trump including one that happened after Jan.6. Trump campaign officials, she added, were “stunned” when they were contacted by Politico regarding the footage.

“You say people you talked to were stunned,” said New Day’s John Berman. “Are they worried at all?”

“Well, the people I talked to are not worried because they’re not in it,” Haberman said. “My understanding is that there is some anxiety among some family members about what might have been said. Again, not necessarily for legal reasons, but just because there are things like what we just discussed, which are at odds with other statements that have been made.”

Perhaps Ivanka was telling her father what she believed he wanted to hear, knowing his very real animosity towards Barr and hoping to avoid his famous temper. She may be dealing with anxiety over this. It would be understandable if so. But part of the reason Jan. 6 happened is that people kept telling Trump what he wanted to hear.

Donald and Ivanka Trump have always been thick as thieves. It makes sense she would lie to protect him.

So yeah, I’m hoping she’s sweating this out.


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