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Ultimate-MAGA-Fascist Sebastian Gorka Says There WAS an Insurrection on J6: Led by Pence

Donald Trump left Pence to die if need be. In fact, he left everyone in Congress to die, Kevin McCarthy, AOC, Nancy Pelosi, even Mitch McConnell. All Donald Trump knew was that it would take time for the insurrectionists to do their job. The insurrectionists were there to ensure that Mike Pence was swept away “for security reasons,” so that he couldn’t affirm the electoral college votes. Chuck Grassley (President of the Senate) would step in and do the job just as he said on January 5th, when he said that they didn’t expect Pence to be there. Grassley would send the electors back to the states for “verification,” and the votes wouldn’t have counted. The election would have gone to the House of Representatives, Trump wins.

That’s the current theory that most of us who have had the privilege to keep up with all the evidence believe was the underlying plan. It required time. The National Guard couldn’t come storming in five minutes into the insurrection. Mike Pence wouldn’t be rushed out.

(Wasn’t it so convenient to have the perfect gallows with a noose outside the Capitol, perfect(!) for the cameras. And people – Proud Boy leaders, likely – yelling “Hang Mike Pence!” Doesn’t it make it sound more legit to rush Pence off to a “safe hold” for a day? Doesn’t it sound very planned?)

Anyway, for the last time. It required time. Pence realized that Trump wasn’t going to order anything and was desperate to save lives, including his own. It sounds like Pence called the Pentagon to order the National Guard troops in. Trump had abdicated his responsibility and was derelict in his duty. One could argue that Pence was functioning as president.

And here is Sebastian Gorka, a man surely furious that Pence didn’t go along with the coup and wouldn’t have cared at all if Pence lost his life that day. As information comes out regarding the plot, who does Gorka sympathize with? The man who watched for 187 minutes, doing nothing:

Under the authority authorized under the 25th Amendment where the president was clearly unable to function in his capacity, given that he was – at that very moment – attempting to overthrow the United States government. Pence used that authority.

Gorka likes fascism. None of this bothers him.


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