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Watch Fox News Host Bust Dr. Oz for Lying About Poll: ‘You’re Trailing Significantly!’

By all accounts, Dr. Oz was a brilliant cardiovascular surgeon at Columbia University. And, by all accounts, the moment he got lured away from actually operating and more in dealing with the public in special projects, gaining notoriety, the crazier and crazier Oz got.

His projectile has been well-recorded. He was discovered by Oprah who, God love her anyway, has brought upon us some of the worst people in money-grubbing television, Oz, Phil, etc. As said, as Oz got richer, the less sane he appeared, the more ready he become to drift from real medicine to real snake oil.

Maybe he is a bit too good at lying right now. Generally speaking, Fox News will let a Republican say almost whatever they would like about damned near anything and not challenge it. But apparently, Bill Hemmer had had enough when Oz started bragging about being up in the polls. He is not. This is a bit surprising to hear because one would think that the ability to count matters when operating. Is he doing a triple bypass or a quadruple? Which one is how many?

Oz is trailing behind the very popular former Lt. Governor John Fetterman.

Regardless, Hemmer hammered him:

Fox News host Bill Hemmer called out Republican Senate candidate Mehmet Oz after he suggested that he was leading in Pennsylvania polls despite being behind. During an appearance on Fox News, Hemmer pointed to a poll that indicates Democrat John Fetterman has a nine-point lead in the Pennsylvania race. Oz argued that the poll did not account for Republicans who opposed him in a contentious primary race. “But that poll suggests you’re trailing significantly,” Hemmer noted.


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