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‘That’s Insulting!’ John Kirby Lets Peter Doocy Have It After Reporter Insinuates Biden Rarely Works

I really love John Kirby. Always have. He was a stand out in the Obama Administration, he was always great as a pundit on CNN, and he’s doing great working for Biden. And today’s appearance at the daily press briefing shows just how good he is, and that he won’t take any shit from Fox News’s Peter Doocy.

Kirby had some words for Fox News’s Doocy for asking why Joe Biden hasn’t called Chinese President Xi Jinping with all his “free time” while isolating with COVID. The smug Doocy made it sound like Biden wasn’t working, and was just up in the residence watching Netflix or scrolling on TikTok.

Doocy’s question comes as China is conducting military drills near Taiwan, and following Nancy Pelosi’s brief trip to the nation.

“I know you said there’s not a call scheduled with XI. Is there a reason why?” asked Doocy. “Because President Biden’s known him for decades. He’s got a lot of free time up there in the residence this week.”

That’s when Kirby was like, hold it right there, bub. Kirby said, “He doesn’t have free time.”

“Is there a reason he can’t just pick up the phone and call?” asked Doocy.

“He’s been working through his illness, Peter, so that’s a little bit insulting,” Kirby shot back.

“It’s not insulting,” Doocy objected.

“It is,” insisted Kirby.

Doocy noted that Biden has been “isolating by himself.”

“You suggested he’s had a lot of free time as if he’s not doing anything and you know that’s not the case, Mr. Doocy,” said Kirby. “Now look, as for a call with President Xi, I don’t have anything on the president’s schedule to speak to. If ever the president felt like a call with President Xi was the appropriate reason to respond or that it would have an effect and an outcome that he wants to achieve, he certainly would be willing to do that.”

Kirby then noted that Biden has called Xi five times since Biden has been president.



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