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‘This is a Cult!’ Joe Scarborough Loses It With Trump Supporters, ‘What is Wrong With You!?’

Morning Joe hosts Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough are obviously fit to be tied over the people who still support former President Donald Trump, especially after his appearance at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Texas, where he delivered a speech riddled with false information and then told his audience that America was a nation in decline, Mediaite reports.

Scarborough and Brzezinski are enraged over this and they absolutely tore into these gullible, deluded, and duplicitous people.

“This is the sickness we have tried to deal with, Katty Kay, in America,” Scarborough said. He’d cited Biden administration data that appeared promising to rebut Trump’s claim. “That when somebody’s political party is not running the White House, suddenly that segment of America says that the United States of America is ‘declining.’ When their party is in the White House, suddenly everything is wonderful.”

“I think America is great (I don’t, but that’s me),” Scarborough said. “People hear it all the time. They get tired of me talking about how we’re all exceptional …
despite the problems in Washington, D.C. But Donald Trump continues to feed on this pathology, and here he goes again, talking about America in decline. All because he wasn’t able to pull off his fascist coup.”

Clearly frustrated and with brows furrowed and arms crossed, Scarborough referred to the “American carnage” Trump talked about during his inauguration in 2017, noting that after two terms of “Barack ‘Hussein’ Obama” crime rates and illegal incursions across the borders were at a 50-year-low.

“He just made all of this up,” Scarborough said. Both hosts looked visibly frustrated.

So then Brzezinski called out those who support Trump no matter what, saying “they will stay with [Trump] until the cult is going wherever it is going to go.”

“What is wrong with you?” she asked. “Because you are choosing to stand with lunatics, freaks, insurrectionists, and people who stand on the side of rapists.”

“We’re not talking about Republican versus Democratic policymakers,” Brzezinski said. “We’re talking about facts. And these people won’t face them. There is something wrong with them.”

You really do have to wonder how low some of these deluded Trump supporters will continue to go. They just seem to believe him no matter what.

“I mean, what’s wrong, what’s wrong is their loyalty runs to a failed reality TV show host in a way that is stronger than their loyalty to the United States of America,” Scarborough said.

“This is a cult,” he said. “We’ve heard Republicans say it is a cult.”

“Super sick,” Brzezinski responded.

She’s not wrong.

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