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Trump Thinks Dr. Oz is Going to ‘F*cking Lose’ After Oz Humiliates and Makes a Total Ass Out of Himself

THIS is what happens to people who say that they value “loyalty” above every other quality, including competence, heart, intelligence, etc. To Donald Trump, he wants you to see HIM as the center of the world – Trump values your loyalty to him more than anything else about you. And so when it comes time to pick endorsements, Trump has to fractionally slice through candidates, like the ham at the deli when you order it “paper thin,” to see who really is the “most loyal.”

For Trump, that often doesn’t end up too well. It isn’t surprising. Well-adjusted people rarely tend to see fealty to a person without limits as a healthy thing. Thus, Trump is often left with “not so well-adjusted people” like Herschel Walker, J.D. Vance, Blake Masters, and everyone’s favorite f*** up, Mehmet Oz!  And that becomes really problematic when Trump’s picks then start performing terribly (see above) because, well, the whole adjustment thing. Trump now regrets picking Oz.

Trump actually did his “physical’ before he ran for president on Dr. Oz’s show. Of course we have no idea whether Oz was truthful or not.

According to Rolling Stone [1]:

As the critical Pennsylvania Senate race between Democratic Lt. Gov. John Fetterman and Donald Trump-backed TV celebrity Dr. Oz rages on, the former president is coming to the same conclusion that numerous party consultants and conservative bigwigs arrived at earlier this summer: Oz is very likely doomed.

He’s going to “fucking lose,” unless something drastically changes, Trump has said privately of his chosen man in the Keystone State, according to two sources who’ve discussed the midterm election with the ex-president.

When Trump has inquired if the polling has been “phony” or skewed, multiple people close to him have assured him that “this is not a matter of the polls being ‘rigged,’ there are major problems with this campaign and, more specifically, this candidate.”

Dr. Oz holds dual citizenship with Turkey. Apparently that’s no bar to a Senate bid.

Yep. There are big problems with the candidate, same as in Georgia. It is just that Pennsylvania isn’t quite as red as Georgia. But don’t worry… Herschel’s lined up to also lose. Both Oz and Walker also suffer from having to go up against two “great guys” that nearly everyone at least “likes.” If you are going to run against Carhart-hoodie Fetterman or Sen. Rev. “So Eloquent It Isn’t Fair” Ralph Warnock, you better be good.

Oz isn’t too “good,” and Trump is just starting to figure out that maybe “competence” should be moved up the list just a tiny bit.


[email protected], @JasonMiciak, with Nicole Hickman