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Alex Jones Has Insane Screaming Emotional Breakdown Outside Connecticut Courthouse

Isn’t today a weird day concerning courthouses and court cases? Unfortunately, there is no video of Trump throwing plates with hamberders and a lot of ketchup on the fries, but you know that it happened. There is, however, video of Alex Jones outside the Connecticut Courtroom where he is in a trial over the amount of damages he is to pay the victims of Sandyhook.

According to Rawstory:

Throughout the event, Jones attacked the media for negative reports about his case.

So somehow, the reports about him putting the Sandyhook victims through a second living hell are supposed to be done with a positive spin?

“I did say things that were hurtful and not true,” he admitted. “As an American, I have a right.”

Wrong, and this is where his problem lies. Though the Constitution guarantees free speech, lawsuits put small limits upon that right. If your speech is a lie that ends up hurting other people needlessly, it is not an American right, and you can be financially broken by it, which is precisely what the Sandyhook victims are doing, and one hopes they succeed. Because it is an intentional tort the damages are near limitless.

And then he just lost it:

“The headlines were ‘Jones doesn’t show. They said we don’t want you! I show up yesterday. We don’t want you! I show up today! We don’t want you!”

“And this guy is going to report I didn’t show up today! That’s lying! That’s corporate fake media and that’s shame on you!”

Shame on the media? We aren’t perfect, but wow, Alex Jones “shaming” someone is just too much.

Oh. My.


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