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Dershowitz Says NY AG’s Trump Lawsuit is Stupid Because Only Big Banks Got Hurt, ‘Why Can’t the Banks Sue Him?’

According to Alan Dershowitz, you shouldn’t be prosecuted if you grab a gun and go hold up the nearest Bank of America or Chase. Just kidding, you’ll probably only get $100,000, maybe $200,000 if it’s a good big one, so you’ll definitely be prosecuted. But if you stole tens, maybe hundreds of millions, just by filing paper, that isn’t really against the law. These big banks can absorb that! And they have lawyers. They can just sue you.

This is literally Alan Dershowitz’s argument in defending Donald Trump. The very fact that Dershowitz has jumped in to defend Trump without having had time to read the 200-page complaint is telling. We aren’t sure what it is telling us, but it could have something to do with the massage he got with his underwear on (Which makes it legal). Perhaps Trump has some dirt on Dershowitz?

“The first thing I would do if I were Trump’s lawyers is move for the recusal and disqualification of Letitia James. I like Letitia James, she’s a very nice person, but she campaigned on the promise to get Trump before seeing any evidence, and so she is just fulfilling a campaign promise.”

On this one matter, Dershowitz may well be right. It is a complete mystery why James would do something so stupid and wrong as mentioning Trump while campaigning for A.G. But it was absolutely wrong to do, and it’s possible she should be disqualified and have someone else in the office, someone non-political, to lead the case.

The Dersh goes off the deep end:

You can’t have prosecutors even civilly prosecuting a defendant if they’ve made a campaign promise that they have to [fullfill]. They’re not neutral and objective, and look, who are the people who were defrauded here, they claim? The biggest banks in the world.

Why can’t the biggest banks sue him and take care of themselves? Why does Leticia James have to be out there protecting and defending the biggest banks in the country who haven’t sued him at all?

This guy used to be one of the most respected lawyers on earth. And now he doesn’t even realize that the banks didn’t have copies of all the stuff Trump filed elsewhere. How were they to know how much Trump lied before filing suit if they didn’t know that Trump claimed something completely different in another matter?

Not only that, it’s not James’s problem that the big banks didn’t sue Trump. It is her job to make sure the state of New York isn’t defrauded. That’s why her lawsuit is about collecting money owed to the state and getting Trump out of business in New York.

Ridiculous. Why don’t the prosecutors just let the bank sue you if you rob them?


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