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Former Trump Employee Notes How Trump Was ‘Sniffing’ Through Interview: ‘His Jaw Kept Jutting Side to Side’

Donald Trump’s interview with Sean Hannity was one of his first in quite some time, and the first extensive one since the investigation and law enforcement actions have really bore down on him. So, no one is surprised by the fact that Trump fled to the safest interview in the country, appearing with Sean Hannity.

This was one of the most bizarre interviews that Trump has given in some time. It was in conversation with Hannity that Trump asserted that he could declassify documents by just looking at them. As everyone knows, that is not true. Indeed the declassification process includes a review by the intelligence agencies to determine whether the release of the document puts anyone’s life in danger because another nation would be able to tell who was in a position to obtain the information.

That review is only the starting point. But Trump drifted into other subjects. He called the National Archives, perhaps the least political government department, a far-left organization, while also sniffing his way through the interview. It was Noel Casler, one of Trump’s former employees on The Apprentice and someone who has been interviewed by several media outlets as somewhat of a Trump expert, who had to point out that this was not normal behavior and indicative of something. We cannot report anything except what Twitter is talking about, and so we are not saying that the “sniffing” means… anything really. We will leave that up to those on Twitter who make their own guesses.

This is the part of the interview where he talked about NARA and them being “radical leftists”:

And people were off and running with that observation and plenty of others, including how stupid he sounded in his panic.


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