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GOP Lawmaker’s Ridiculous Rap Campaign Video Has the Whole Country Cringing

I’m going to tell you right now that I don’t know who Linda Paulson is, other than that she’s a Republican granny running for the Utah State Senate. I’m also going to tell you that she dropped her own rap-style video on social media and I can honestly say that if she plans to become a rapper she’d better keep her day job — whether it’s inside or outside the Utah state Senate.

The New York Post reports that her video is drawing much mockery from social media users.

Paulson is running for Utah’s District 12 State Senate seat and she used the video to announce her candidacy, which was posted on YouTube. She seems to be having a good time in the video, even if those who’ve seen it did not have a good time. She gets the whole thing going by dancing and proclaiming her love of “God and family and the Constitution.”

“I tried to get another conservative to run. Nobody could do it,” she raps. “So I’m getting it done.”

She wants you to know she’s pro-religious freedom, pro-life, pro-police, pro-right to bear arms,  and pro-free speech. Then she lets drop a line about “supporting traditional family as the fundamental unit of society.”

Then she backhands Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson by saying “just to clarify … as a female adult, I know what a woman is.”

Since this issue may have slipped people’s minds I’ll provide a brief explanation of what Paulson is referring to. The Washington Post notes things got off the ground when Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) asked the future Justice “Can you provide a definition for the word ‘woman’?” Her question was in reference to a transgender athlete.

“Can I provide a definition?” Jackson said. “No I can’t.”

Her answer created a kerfuffle for a short while but today’s media has a notoriously short attention span so it wasn’t long before that controversy faded into the sunset. Except, apparently for Paulson, and I’m going to clarify here that no one gives a hot damn whether Paulson knows what a woman is.

But that’s not the end of her “rap.”

“If you share my values, if you like what I stand for, then give me your vote on the eighth of November,” she says. “District 12 needs a choice. Let me be your voice.”

She “raps” things up (haha) by saying “Linda Paulson, Linda Paulson for Senate,” and raising her hands up in the air.

The video has been viewed more than 162,000 times on her YouTube channel and has been shared millions of times by Twitter users. And as you might expect, it’s received plenty of mixed reactions. More than a few users, however, found it cringey-creepy, while others thought it wasn’t a particularly flattering look for Republicans.

“Imagine voting for an adult who actually thought this was a good idea,” one YouTube commenter responded.

Others wrote things like:

“Her granddaughter played ‘Hamilton’ in the car once and she said ‘I can do that.’

“This has to be a joke right? This has to be satire.”

The occasional few liked it, with one person writing “Awww, this is cute. She seems like a nice lady,” one person posted on Twitter. “I’d vote for her if I lived there.”

Yeah, she’s such a “nice lady” that she wants to take away the rights of women and LGBTQ people. That’s how “nice” she is.

You can have a good laugh over the video below, along with extra help from Twitter users.

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