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Lindell Loses: MyPillow CEO Suffers Huge Court Loss in Defamation Suit

A Minnesota District Court judge just threw cold water on MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell’s attempt to extricate himself from a lawsuit that was filed by a voting technology company that alleges he slandered it by repeating the baseless claim that the 2020 election was stolen, Politico reports.

Lindell had motioned to dismiss the complaint, filed by Smartmatic, the voting technology company in question. He argued that Smartmatic failed to satisfactorily plead the defamation claim and that the deceptive trade practices claim fails because he was acting in a personal, not professional capacity when he made the statements regarding the election. MyPillow separately tried to dismiss Smartmatic’s complaint, claiming it is protected by the First Amendment and that it didn’t make statements about Smartmatic. And the company is also arguing that Lindell’s statements can’t be imputed to MyPillow, per Politico.

But U.S. District Judge Wilhelmina Wright had other thoughts on this and on Monday she denied Lindell’s and MyPillow’s motions to dismiss the complaint. The judge found that Smartmatic had sufficiently alleged to support its defamation claim, including the company’s claims that Lindell did indeed make false statements and that he maliciously promoted them.

The Court found that MyPillow can be vicariously liable for Lindell’s actions because it’s more than obvious he intentionally promoted MyPillow while allegedly at the same time defaming Smartmatic to the media and during public appearances. Smartmatic is also alleging that when Lindell advertised promo codes for MyPillow products to viewers on TV and radio segments he pushed the false narrative that voting machines and other types of technology were rigged in the 2020 election and that the practices they used were deceptive.

Wright also ruled that Smartmatic can continue its claim that Lindell violated Minnesota’s Deceptive Trade Practice Law, finding that Smartmatic has alleged sufficient evidence for its claim that Lindell’s statements were partly meant to promote MyPillow.

The company was providing election technology and services to Los Angeles in the 2020 election, and in its complaint, it alleged that Lindell and MyPillow defamed it without providing any truth to the theory that its voting machines had been hacked or rigged in favor of Joe Biden. Of course, as most of us know by now, Lindell is the worst sort of Trump supporter. He has continually and falsely proclaimed since the 2020 election that Trump beat Biden.

Smartmatic’s complaint is only one of a whirlwind of cases filed by Smartmatic and Dominion Voting Systems, against Trump-supporting fools and media outlets that have spread false claims about the voting systems utilized by these companies.

Lindell has foolishly ruined his own reputation by going out on this shaky limb for his idol, Trump. He’s lost one sponsor after another and hemorrhaged money, even to the point of being forced to close his last retail MyPillow store.

Obviously, Lindell didn’t see any of this coming, but when you lose your mind over a man who is hated by millions and then try to support him with lies it tends to bug people, you know?

Lindell is finding out the hard way.

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