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MAGAs Lined Up for Tonight’s Rally Prove Just How Insane These People Are: ‘Amazed at Trump’s Genius!’

It is quite apparent that Right Side Broadcasting Network is dying for content. Because it seems “unpossible!” that every single Trump rally deserves six hours of pre-rally coverage, yes – you read that right, pre-rally coverage. It is obvious that these people never see the actual pictures from a rally because so many line up early to “get a seat,” and then we find pictures of the crowd and it is… small. Take this from the Ohio rally:

It is possible that the crowd is bigger when Trump actually begins speaking, but that sort of reinforces that you do not need to show up early.

But show up early they do, and, in a way, that is good because the Right Side Broadcasting Network spends most of the day interviewing these people, and they have a lot of “interesting” views they like to share:

Trump has policies? Yes, his policy is to benefit “Trump” as he likes to call himself. Why don’t the rally-goers listen to his rallies and see if he talks about any policy? They won’t hear much more than his policy position on winning in 2020 and his policy on being investigated.

No Democrat will ever win an election again in this country without it automatically being “rigged.” This is pure Putin-KGB doctrine regarding destroying the U.S. from within. Break our democracy. It is amazing that we Democrats could rig the 2020 election but couldn’t get it done with Hillary running in 2016. None of this is rational, and that’s why one hears it in a line of MAGAs.

Problem-solving genius? He sure didn’t solve the COVID problem very quickly.

Afghanistan was hit by an ISIS terrorist attack. Trump is the one that surrendered to ISIS when he pulled out of Syria.

Exactly. Every GOP win is entirely legitimate, but every Democratic win is rigged. The problem is quite apparent. Even if only 15% of the country believes things like this, that 15% can do incalculable damage, as we saw on January 6th.

We will cover Trump’s “speech” tonight.


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