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Ohio MAGA Candidate Campaigning as Afghanistan Vet Totally Lied About His Service

As Republican J.R. Majewski campaigns for Ohio’s ninth congressional district, he’s listing accomplishments that sound almost too good to be true.

And apparently, these compliments are too good to be true.

The Daily Beast is reporting Majewski is describing himself in glowing terms — as a nuclear power industry “executive” and a former “combat veteran” who saw action in Afghanistan after 9/11. Here he claimed such hellish conditions that he didn’t shower for 40 days. But the Associated Press sniffed out Majewski’s claims, perhaps suspecting there was less here than meets the eye.

The AP wasn’t wrong.

Rather than being a “combat veteran” the closest Majewski came to Afghanistan was when he spent 40 days loading planes inside the U.S. ally nation of Qatar. And a resume that’s been deleted as well as inquiries the AP made to his former employers pretty much sink his claims that he’s been an “executive” and a “senior consultant” in the nuclear power industry.

Majewski, formerly a MAGA-spouting hip-hop artist, who once painted a mural of Trump on his front lawn (I’m sure his neighbors loved that) somehow didn’t answer the AP’s questions about his untruths.

The AP also found that Majewski’s post-military career has been exemplified by a series of exaggerations, conspiracy theories, encouragement of violence against the U.S. government, and financial problems.

Majewski, whose Trump worship endures, is a worrisome dude. He’s part of a handful of GOP candidates, many of whom are running for the first time, and their inexperience and extreme right-wing politics may mean the GOP will not sweep the mid-term elections. But the other thing about Majewski is that he’s part of a new breed of politicians who discard facts as part of their ardent Trump worship.

Ohio Republican candidate for Congress J.R. Majewski leaves the Capitol Hill Club in Washington on Tuesday, Sept. 20, 2022. PHOTO – BILL CLARK/GETTY IMAGES

And at least some military members are not happy about Majewski’s misrepresentation of his service.

“It bothers when people trade on their military service to get elected to office when what they are doing is misleading the people they want to vote for them,” said Don Christensen, a retired colonel and former chief prosecutor for the Air Force, in reference to Majewski. “Veterans have done so much for this country and when you claim to have done what your brothers and sisters in arms actually did to build up your reputation, it is a disservice.”

Majewski’s campaign declined to make him available for an interview but issued a lengthy statement to the AP without addressing his claims about his supposed service in Afghanistan. When the AP tried to follow that up with additional questions, a spokesman declined to provide any other answers.

Nonetheless, Majewski followed up with additional bragging in the statement.

“I am proud to have served my country,” he said. “My accomplishments and record are under attack, meanwhile career politician Marcy Kaptur has a 40-year record of failure for my Toledo community, which is why I’m running for Congress.”

The district Majewski is running in has recently been redrawn to favor Republicans and his opponent, Democrat Marcy Kaptur is now struggling, meaning that Majewski, who has never run for office before, stands a chance of winning. Perhaps the worst news here is that he’s a QAnon conspiracy theorist who also participated in the January 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol building.

The House Republican campaign committee has even introduced a biography that portrays Majewski as a veteran whose “squadron was first on the ground in Afghanistan after 9/11.”

But if Republicans are emulating Trump, then they quite obviously aren’t averse to telling lies, now are they? Why would Majewski be any different?

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