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Rudy Has Two Weeks to Come Up With $230K to Pay His Ex-Wife or He Goes to Jail

It has seemed like Rudy Giuliani has had money problems for quite some time. He has had to pay a fortune in legal fees, and he’s suffering from Donald Trump syndrome, whereby he works for Trump, expecting to be paid at some point, some kind of Trump “duty” to Rudy, only to find out that he’s got a Stage IV case of Trump syndrome. Rudy did a lot of crisscrossing the world on behalf of Trump. Lately, Rudy has sounded like a guy who is A) Drunk, and B) Broke. The two may be related.

Now, potentially broke Rudy has a real problem. He has two weeks to come up with nearly a quarter of a million dollars:

From New York NBC News:

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani skipped out on a court hearing in Manhattan Friday where a judge ordered the 78-year-old to pay his ex-wife over $225,000 as part of a divorce settlement, or he could wind up in jail.

Judge Michael Katz said Giuliani is in contempt of court and has until next month to make the payment, including $10,000 in attorney fees, as first reported by the NY Post. If Giuliani doesn’t pay by Oct. 7, he could be arrested.

Judith Giuliani had asked the judge to hold her former husband in contempt for falling behind on his payments under their 2019 divorce settlement.

Here is a great question. Does Rudy have enough MAGA juice to do the “Go Fund Me” or some kind of other MAGA grift in order to avoid jail? Does he have the money, but that would leave him with a very small buffer, and so he uses this as an excuse to grift off the MAGAs? One thing seems certain. Rudy doesn’t have much MAGA juice in the tank, having lost all those cases. But he will probably at least measure whether he’s supported. He might be able to collect a half, a quarter, something.

You would think that Trump would be embarrassed by leaving Rudy practically broke… Never mind, no, you wouldn’t, actually.


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