Americans Repulsed After Trump Defends Saudi Arabia, ‘They’ve Been Treated Badly by the United States!’

Former President Donald Trump made a recent appearance on Fox News host Brian Kilmeade’s radio show, and at one point Kilmeade asked him about Saudi Arabia’s oil price hike and what he thinks about the Biden administration’s plans to retaliate, Raw Story reports.

Incredibly (remember this is Trump, after all) he responded by saying he thinks Saudi Arabia “has been treated badly by the United States, by this particular group of people.” He also said he believes this administration has taken the Saudis “for granted.”

Trump of course couldn’t resist boasting that during his presidency Saudi Arabia “would have done anything for us,” because he “gave them great protection.”

Saudi Arabia has recently announced its plans to reduce oil production by two million barrels per day and White House officials have described this as a “hostile act” that means the U.S. will be “reevaluating” the Saudi relationship.

At one point during the segment, Trump also said if he were president, he wouldn’t sanction the Saudis for boosting oil prices because they serve as an effective wedge against Iran.

Biden visited the Saudi City of Jeddah, greeting the de-facto ruler, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman with a fist bump three months ago, and this move upset rights activists because of the kingdom’s dreadful human rights abuses.

The visit is a drastic reversal of Biden’s vow in 2019 vow to turn Saudi Arabia into a “pariah” over abuses, especially in regard to the shocking murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

When the hopes were dashed that Biden’s visit would spur oil production, the president drew sharp criticism from some of his fellow Democrats, who have described the Saudis as “royal backstabbers” who “misled and double-crossed” Biden.

Frankly, the fact that Trump can defend a country where a U.S. journalist was beheaded and dismembered (even though the U.S. also commits atrocities) shows what kind of man the former president is.

Lawmakers continue to call for Washington to remove military assets from the kingdom and have also called for exposing the oil cartel to anti-trust lawsuits by imposing a so-called NOPEC bill. Anything that would break the grip of this kingdom would be a good thing. American families struggling just to get by as inflation continues to spiral upward are the victims of what amounts to nothing more than greed.

You can listen to Trump’s boasting on Kilmeade’s program in the clip below.

And people were DISGUSTED:

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