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Thirty-Four J6th Defendants Complain About Conditions in DC Jail: Beg for Transfer to Guantanamo

They want to go to Guantanamo? Thirty-four January 6th defendants? They believe they are being mistreated in the DC jail (Not prison, they haven’t gone to trial, and there is a big difference between jail and prison.) One can only presume – somewhat randomly, but not a bad guess, that the January 6th defendants believe they’ll be treated far better by the Marine contingent that runs Guantanamo and will be much more sympathetic to the insurrectionists than the DC jail,’


It’s hard to imagine a group being less sympathetic than those who run the DC jail. Jails are operated by either the county – or, in the case of DC, the city/county, district, police. States run the prisons, and with DC, it would be a federal prison. But the point is that the DC jail is run by people who are more sympathetic to the police that faced these same rioters. It is important to remember that the only rioters still held in jail pending their trial are those who were the most violent, those found too dangerous to let out in awaiting their trial. These are not people that feel sympathetic toward the rioters.

So they want to go to Gitmo. Is it all because they believe they’ll be treated better? Hardly. They also want to be seen as martyrs, and political prisoners. Being shipped off to Gitmo (which they won’t be) makes them look more and more like political prisoners, even if the judges were merely answering their requests. It probably hasn’t occurred to the rioters that federal judges in DC don’t have the authority to move them down to Gitmo.

No. That authority sits with the president, who controls all military operations. And Joe Biden doesn’t have a lot of sympathy for them. they aren’t going anywhere.

Here is their hand-written letter:

As you’d imagine, Twitter had some thoughts:


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