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Dr.. Fauci Gets the Last Laugh AGAIN: Rips ‘Dubious Advice’ from Trump’s Administration

Dr. Fauci seems to be both enjoying getting the last word from the White House podium as he prepares for his retirement while also reinforcing his spine in preparation for the coming congressional investigations. We have already reported on Fauci ignoring Peter Doocey’s surely inane question following up on a question as Fauci walked out the door. Now it appears he also had a little fun poking at the ridiculous positions that the Trump administration forced upon him.

From Mediaite, we have the transcript:

Q But, Dr. Fauci, just — I’m sorry to contradict you, but there — there was some dubious advice coming out of the White House.

DR. FAUCI: Excuse me?

Q There was some dubious advice, some questionable medical advice coming out of non-doctors —

DR. FAUCI: Right.

Q — at this podium. How do you think that affected the progress of this pandemic and (inaudible)?

DR. FAUCI: Well, you remember, if you were around, that at this podium, I contradicted those, which set off a whole series of things in my life. (Laughter.)

But, you know — yeah, I mean, we have to continue — and we were just talking about this a little while ago — the way you counter misinformation and disinformation is that — to do whatever you can as often as you can to provide correct information.

The people who have correct information, who take science seriously, who don’t have strange, way-out theories about things but who base what they say on evidence and data need to speak up more because the other side that just keeps putting out misinformation and disinformation seems to be tireless in that effort. And it’s going to be very difficult.

Fighting disinformation from the MAGA movement has been one of this country’s biggest problems, whether it is election fraud, misinformation about Joe Biden, or COVID. Trump was about misdirection the entire time and Fauci just got caught up in it. It changed his life, as he noted, and the reporters understood that he totally understated it and laughed.


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