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Kari Lake Releases Desperate Video Portraying Trump as the Greatest President Ever and Twitter is Having a Field Day

It would be entirely misogynistic to speculate about what Kari Lake is willing to do to be Trump’s “VP” on the Republican ticket. It would be, except that everything covered under the rubric above would apply equally if Kari Lake were a man. Lake has not even completed her “case” that she actually won the governor’s race in Arizona, and yet she has found time to put out a video that is, perhaps, the most worshipful – godlike, video that we’ve seen regarding Trump.

And this site has had to review hundreds. None compare to this.

Normally, Trump videos focus on how he’s the “alpha male” tough guy who is going to shove your woke brain up your whatever. He is the ass-kicker that America needs, lest we fall into a society where people care about each other, respect each other, talk things out, believe in science, and all that liberal crap that MAGAs America Firsters don’t have time for.

But this video introduces us to sweet grandpa Trump. Of course, we know that Trump is a badass who can shove people aside at world meetings (that is used as a positive in this video), and he’s a tough guy who elevated Kim Jung-un to international player status, as shown by the video, but he’s also a softie. He is the real “grandpa” that the United States needs to heal. How else does one explain all the kids watching?

Here is Kari Lake’s commercial to make herself Vice-President:

Twitter, do you mind telling us what you think?


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