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Lara Trump Issues Very Dark Warning to Ron DeSantis About 2024 Race Against Trump

Lara Trump, he daughter-in-law of Donald Trump urged Ron DeSantis to postpone his presidential dreams until 2028, warning that a 2024 run would fracture the “MAGA movement.”

“I think that Ron DeSantis is very smart,” Lara Trump told Sky News host Erin Molan. “There will be a lot of opportunity for him in the future … to run for president.”

Sounds a lot like Carmela Soprano, doesn’t it?

Trump is expected to launch his presidential campaign during an event Tuesday night at Mar-a-Lago.

“I think he’s probably waiting to see what my father-in-law does,” Lara Trump said. “And I think he’s a smart enough guy to know that it will be great to have all this support of this party, of the ‘America First,’ MAGA movement, whatever you want to call it, fully behind him in 2028 than possibly fracturing it in 2024.”

She added that the primaries could be “very messy” and “very raw,” saying, “Wouldn’t it be nicer for him … to wait till 2028?”

Trump has recently taken swipes at DeSantis, calling him “Ron DeSanctimonius” at a rally in Pennsylvania ahead of the Nov. 8 elections and referring to him as an “average” Republican governor with “great Public Relations” in a statement from his Save America PAC.

DeSantis has not indicated whether he intends to run for president in 2024. He has hinted that he wouldn’t run if Trump was running, however, with more and more major GOP players and donors start to line up behind DeSantis, it will be difficult for the governor to ignore those who feel he should run.


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