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Narcissistic Trump Posts Ridiculous Video Showing Famous People Fawning All Over Him

Former President Donald Trump has ignored neophyte Twitter CEO Elon Musk’s invitation to rejoin the platform and is instead sticking to Truth Social the right-wing media site he founded where he has posted a plethora of bizarre things over the past several months, The Independent reports.

As usual, Trump loves to “re-truth” posts that flatter him but he also recently shared an edited video that weirdly shows mash-up scenes from movies where characters joyfully watch Trump give speeches and brag about himself.

The video features scenes from movies including Napoleon Dynamite, Forrest Gump, Gremlins, Kill Bill, Fargo, and Ed Wood. Characters gather to watch clips of the former president’s boastful campaign speeches accompanied by some of his meet-and-greets (snore).

Of course, the video does feature one celebrity who actually likes Trump — Kanye West, who has recently been criticized for his own stupidly anti-Semitic remarks. At one point we see him wearing a MAGA hat and declaring “I love this guy” as he shakes Trump’s hand.

But much of the footage includes celebrities who notably dislike Trump. This includes such celebrities as Robert DeNiro, who has called Trump “totally nuts” and “blatantly stupid” (I think that about hits the nail on the head, don’t you?) The footage also includes Elliot Page before his transition, and it’s during this time that he said Trump and former Vice President Mike Pence devoted their careers to “trying to cause suffering.”

Kill Bill star, Uma Thurman, played a character in a Broadway play where everyone refused to say Trump’s name. And Frances McDormand, who famously played Marge Gunderson. the pregnant Minnesota police chief in the movie Fargo marched to protest Trump’s 2017 inauguration. Then there’s Forrest Gump star Tom Hanks, who called out the former president for his racist “Pocahontas jokes” he made to Navajo code-talkers. Hanks also starred in The Post, which has been widely regarded as director Stephen Spielberg’s condemnation of Trump’s attacks on the press while he was in office.

But there’s something even weirder about the video, and it’s already bad enough as it is. It also features a clip from the movie They Live, which stars the late WWE star “Rowdy” Roddy Piper. The film, which is notably dystopian, was directed by John Carpenter and it was a direct criticism of capitalism and Ronald Reagan’s America, per The Independent.

This bizarro video does nothing useful. It’s merely Trump looking for attention and boasting about himself all over again. That’s all this man is about. He’s not unlike the ruling-class aliens in They Live — except the aliens have more character.

Here is the video. Kari Lake posted it on her Twitter. Trump has it on his Truth Social but it can’t be embedded:

Just for fun, I’m including John Carpenter’s comments below. Why not find out if you can find Trump among the aliens in the clip?

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