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Trump Implodes in New Iowa Caucus Poll: Ron DeSantis Now Leading and Trump is Going to EXPLODE

Elections have consequences. The 2022 midterm may turn MAGA-America First upside down, according to a new Iowa poll.

Trump insisted upon being the face of the GOP from 2021 to 2022, ordering everyone around, picking candidates, and essentially acting like the RNC Chairman, only with vastly more power within the Capitol itself and on the trail. The midterms turned on many complex issues, women’s rights, democracy’s future, and more, but Trump was so ubiquitous that he managed to turn 2022 into another referendum on him. Elections have consequences.

In a new Iowa poll of average Republican caucusgoers, Trump has imploded and trails Ron DeSantis. From Mediaite [1]:

A survey of 393 caucus-goers put out Neighborhood Research and Media [2] Monday (via the Washington Examiner [3]) shows DeSantis now leading Trump 32-30 among Iowa Republicans. That result represents a 23-point swing in the poll since June and a whopping 47-point swing since last November.

Obviously, the fact that the last poll was in June means that the results reflect more than just the election. Ron DeSantis did most of his MAGA-America First “dreamy” work after June of this year. But the election certainly stands out. There is more:

What’s more, the undecided share of the Iowa vote also clocks in at 30 percent. And given the current trends, DeSantis seems a good bet to win the lion’s share of that category. Former Vice President Mike Pence was a distant third in the poll with 3 percent. No other candidate topped 1 percent.

Yes. The trend would certainly indicate that most undecideds would go to DeSantis. One is either a committed Trumper or not. Most Republicans don’t require a lot of contemplative analysis as to whether they support Trump or not. If a Republican is “undecided,” it likely means that he or she hasn’t decided on which Trump alternative to support.

This brings up a scenario that is the GOP’s true nightmare. If Trump sincerely runs hard and loses the primary, he will either run as a third-party candidate, spend all his time destroying the GOP from within, or both and more. Consider for a moment just how ffff’d the GOP is if Trump “loses” the primary fair and square. Imagine the… It is their worst nightmare. Someone will tell him to drop out, whether he listens…

Elections have consequences.