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Trump LOSES SUPPORT ALL DAY Over Dinner with Nazi Leader: Now Breitbart Condemns TRUMP

As we reported earlier today, Donald Trump hosted the ever-more-controversial Kanye West and his even more notorious anti-Semitic, holocaust denying (And grossly racist) Nick Fuentes. How a racist like Fuentes became an insider in the West circle is a mystery for another day. The country wants to know how it is that Trump having dinner with the nation’s most notorious and open racist, anti-Semite isn’t THE story for the weekend. It is possible that, given that the story broke this morning as part of a long weekend, it isn’t getting the attention it deserves. Some people want a break from the news. But the Mediaite headline cannot be ignored, and it’s a perfectly reasonable question: “WHY IS THIS NOT A BIGGER STORY!”

From Mediaite:

“Why is this NOT a bigger story?!! Trump Hosts anti-Semite Kanye West and Neo-Nazi/Holocaust denier at Mar-a-Lago Resort. C’mon corporate media stop covering the wedding at the White House and cover this!!” tweeted left-wing commentator Dean Obeidallah, referring to the wedding of President Joe Biden’s granddaughter, Naomi Biden, last Saturday.

And, this from Jeremy Newberger:

Trump had Nick Fuentes over his home this week, an actual Nazi. I implore the @RJC and other Republican Jewish organizations to speak out and condemn this relationship between a Republican front runner and a virulent antisemite and Holocaust denier.

Amazing that it was just last weekend that Trump spoke (by conference phone instead of appearing like all the other politicians, at the Republican Jewish Coalition, just three days later Trump dined with the country’s most notorious anti-Semite.

Breitbart even noted the massive damage Trump did to himself and the MAGA cause:

These latest revelations turn what could have been a minor story into a major national narrative, where the GOP frontrunner for president in 2024 — the former president and as of now the only formal GOP candidate for the office in the next election — seems to have met with an open white nationalist, antisemite, and Holocaust denier in Fuentes.

Fuentes’ now-shut-down YouTube page is shot-through with racist and antisemitic rants that date as far back as 2014.

This is the modern Republican party. They wear coats and ties, no sheets.

Well, we are trying.


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