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Jen Psaki Calls Out Donald Trump for Exactly What He Is — EVIL

One of the things about narcissists is that they can be very, very successful in life. Not having to worry about anyone but yourself, never having to worry about ethics, morality, rules… where the only thing that matters in life is one’s immediate gratification. The path to success is pretty straight. Make that person psychopathic, and that person becomes dangerous to those around them. Make that person sociopathic, and he becomes dangerous to society at large.

Trump always appealed to a certain type, the type that thinks that wealth and fame have meaning beyond a bank account and name recognition. He has always been a carnival barker, a snake oil salesman. He was a tough guy, talked like a mobster, and even got “laid” by porn stars. There are some people drawn to evil like that. And there are some drawn to men who would be at home with their wives and new baby.

Jen Psaki went on Meet The Press and said that none of us should underestimate Trump’s “evil charisma,” which is nothing more than a combination of all the above: Video below:

Democrats and Republicans should not underestimate the impact of Donald Trump’s “evil charisma,” which could help him win the Republican nomination come 2024, former White House press secretary Jen Psaki said on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

Trump, who was twice impeached and is under criminal investigation, formally launched his 2024 campaign for president in November, as Republicans reevaluate his role as the face of the party following midterm failures and ongoing controversies.

Psaki drew comparisons to Trump’s rival Ron DeSantis — who is seen as “either the savior or he’s currently at his peak” — and Mike Pence — who “didn’t exactly light the world on fire politically” until he aligned with Trump.

Well, forget Pence. Until he can break 10% of the Republican electorate, he’s not even worth discussing. The race would seem to come down to a non -MAGA (Chris Christie), “MAGA” (Trump) and “MAGA 2.0” (DeSantis). But Psaki is right that none of us should think that Trump is sunk just because he’s talked about terminating the Constitution or having Fuentes over to dinner. The MAGAs still voted for him after all the lies, scandals, all that before. They feel owed a victory in 2024, and Trump has all but promised a coup.

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