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Kimberly Guilfoyle Infuriated Both Those on the Left and Right With Her Birthday Message to Eric Trump

Who knew that so many MAGA supporters are animals? I sure didn’t but I guess Kimberly Guilfoyle found this out the hard way. Donald Trump’s arm candy/fiancée upset a trove of her fans when she posted a birthday to Eric Trump, her prospective brother-in-law who turned 39 last week.

“Wishing @erictrump the happiest of birthdays! You are a wonderful father to Luke and Carolina, husband to @laraleatrump, brother and friend to all who know and love you! Here’s to the absolute best 2023!” Guilfoyle posted on social media.

Several photos accompanied her birthday wishes, including one of Guilfoyle, Don Jr., and Eric posing in a field along with a beautiful deer they had just killed. In the photo, Don Jr. holds the lifeless animal’s head up to get a better shot for the camera.

Queerty’s Graham Gremore noted:

“Regardless of [sic] you feel about hunting animals for sport, you can’t deny that this is a really, really weird photo to use to celebrate someone’s birthday.”

Of course, good judgment and Guilfoyle are two things that have never been remotely connected and that is glaringly true when it comes to photography.

Folks were upset with the dead deer photo, including plenty of the MAGA faithful. The fact that they seem to care about animals may be the only good thing about these people and they let Guilfoyle have it.

“I love all of you, but I don’t like posting of the poor dead animals!” one person commented on Instagram. “I am against hunting—I don’t understand how people can pose with these poor animals who have just been killed.”

“I support your father [in law], always have, but if you killed that beautiful animal, something is inherently wrong with you,” another commenter said. “It’s not a sport when only one of you is armed #You’veJustBecomeADick.”

“Do what you do. But please don’t show me a beautiful dead animal and post a family photo op next to it!! Sick. And sad,” another person wrote.

Folks on Twitter were even angrier.

“How does killing a poor defenseless animal make you smile is beyond me!

“Like the birthday wishes…..not so much the dead Bambi picture…..”

“Your pictures are sickening Kimberly.”

“How sad, smiling after killing a beautiful animal.”

Of course, the other thing about Guilfoyle is that she’s kind of like that fifth wheel that other members of the Trump family don’t quite know what to do with. As I noted yesterday, Melania Trump doesn’t particularly care for her, especially since she’s a grifter (even though Melania is one as well. Go figure).

We live surrounded by wildlife in Central America and I’ll never understand people who kill animals for “sport,” or how they can be happy and smile about doing such a thing. Wild animals are precious and we are losing so many beautiful creatures as climate change and human destructiveness continue. I fail to see how anyone can take joy in this.

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