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Former Trump Attorney: ‘Donald Is Really Losing It’ as New Criminal Investigations Intensify

Michael Cohen, Donald Trump’s former “fixer” and personal attorney popped up on MSNBC’s The Katie Phang Show on Saturday Morning, where he discussed his upcoming interview with investigators in the Manhattan District Attorney’s office. He was also asked about Trump’s current state of mind as he faces potential criminal charges, Raw Story reports.

During the interview, Cohen said he thinks Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg has sufficient evidence to drag Trump back into court and that it looks like the investigation is gaining steam.

At this point, Phang asked how the ex-president is handling the increasing scrutiny across the board — not just in Manhattan.

“Let’s not forget that there’s yet another to probe, the special counsel’s investigation also appears to be ramping up,” Phang said. “Special counsel Jack Smith subpoenaed Mike Pence and former National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien over Trump’s handling of classified documents and his efforts to overturn the 2020 election.”

Phang couldn’t help but wonder if Trump is freaking out now.

“I always ask you this question, but I don’t think it’s ever stale because you do know Donald Trump very well, intimately well, in terms of the way his brain thinks,” the MSNBC host said. “Is Trump finally at that point where he’s hitting the panic button?”

Cohen suggested the former president is well past that point.

“I think he hit the panic button a while ago. However, what he’s very good at is hiding it,” Cohen said with a smirk. “So anybody that’s in the room with him would be able to attest to things that I had seen in the past, which is Donald really losing.”

“But, in front of the camera, he is calm, cool, and collected, because he’s a sociopath. Period, end of story,” Cohen explained. “I will tell you one thing while watching the show, before I came on, you had [reporter] Michael Allen on and, let me tell you, the real true danger to our national security are not these floating balloons that are out there. It’s now, as you earlier reported, the fact that they copied these classified documents, and they were sitting on a computer.”

“This is what I had said on your show, how many months back?” Cohen said. “That we need to go back and we need to check every single place that Donald Trump has been since leaving office, and then we have to figure out who was with him. Because, if you really are concerned about national security, don’t worry about a weather balloon. Don’t worry about what information that they’re seeing, through this; they already have people on the ground and we’ve been spying on China, and China’s been spying on America. How about top-secret documentation that’s in the hands of Donald Trump? That’s the clear and present danger to America’s national security.”

Cohen has a valid point here. China and the U.S. have been playing this game for a while. Trump is clearly not stable and the fact that we really don’t know what he was doing with these top-secret documents is worrying. It’s worrying that he thought he could get away with this, and to what end?

I’ve included the insightful clip below.

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