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Trump Just Posted Something So Humiliating on Truth Social That Many Can’t Believe It’s Real

In poker, a tell is a change in a player’s behavior or demeanor that give clues to that player’s assessment of their hand. A player gains an advantage if they observe and understand the meaning of another player’s tell, particularly if the tell is unconscious and reliable. Some players will run their fingers through their hair, or start bouncing their leg if they have a really great hand. If you know the player’s tell, you can obviously use that to your advantage. But tells exist outside of poker, and almost everyone has them.

Donald Trump has a tell.

When Trump is worried, upset, scared, or feeling cornered, he takes to Truth Social and starts posting crazy memes made by his supporters that talk about just how great Trump is. Some even call him the messiah. Most say he is the greatest president ever and only Trump can fix this country’s problems.

Well, Trump must be really scared about something because he’s posting some of the most ridiculous memes you’ve ever seen. So ridiculous they are downright embarrassing.

And let’s be honest, Trump has lots of reasons to be scared. Let’s just look at the past few months. For one, Trump has come out as a legitimate anti-Semite, hanging out with Ye and Nick Fuentes. Even more disgusting, in the aftermath, Trump only denied knowing Fuentes. He never said anti-Semitism is abhorrent. He would never knowingly host anyone who had such beliefs. Silence on that. Big trouble.

He advocated for terminating the Constitution, something so stupid that every single Republican interviewed so far must deny, and it probably ended Trump’s campaign for the presidency. It is embarrassing to every MAGA.

And, of course, Trump lost the U.S. Senate for the GOP by picking Walker, Oz, and Masters. These races wouldn’t have been guaranteed wins, but they were guaranteed to be a lot closer. As many Republicans have noted, Trump has now lost three elections in a row for the GOP.

Oh, and his company was found guilty of about 132 felonies (Or something like that), and he is looking at the strong possibility of indictments in the near future.

Special Counsel Jack Smith is getting closer and closer to an indictment, whether it’s for the stolen documents or January 6th, we don’t know. But with the way Trump is screaming daily on Truth Social about Jack Smith, it’s obvious something big os going on behind the scenes. In a recent post Trump wrote that “They are GRILLING innocent people in Grand Juries for hours, all to “get Trump.” So, something big is happening, we just don’t what.

Then the New York AG is looking into reopening the Stormy Daniels case.

And his 2024 campaign is just a mess. No money, no enthusiasm, so crowds. So yeah, Trump’s life sucks right now.

So over the past day, Trump has posted oodles of memes, and, well, they are humiliating. Let’s start with some basic ones.

This is just a typical “Trump is awesome” meme:

Then we get to the Trump is the BEST PRESIDENT EVAH!1!! memes:

Then we get to some pretty misleading ones. This one says Trump brought peace to the Middle East (even though that was Jared’s job!). Now Trump is responsible for the Abraham Accords which established diplomatic relations between Israel and the UAE. But when people think of “Peace in the Middle East”, they are thinking of Israel and Palestine. And Trump did nothing there. In fact, he was so pro-Israel, he was never willing to budge to help the Palestinians at all, and his plans for a two-state solution would have left Palestine with severe restrictions that they would’ve never agreed to.

Then of course the ones crapping on Biden. This first one is dumb. The egg shortage is due to an extremely bad avian flu and Biden can’t do anything about that. Additionally, the flu is still happening. Yes, there are some issues with supply chain problems and inflation, but the main reason is the avian flu and Biden simply had nothing to do with it.

Then there is cruelty, just for cruelty’s sake:

And then just being mean because he’s Trump and sociopathic and evil:

Then there are the mean ones where he gloats in the misfortunes of others, like this one showing Trump protecting himself from the tears of Adam Schiff, Eric Swalwell and Ilhan Omar, who were all kicked on their committees because Kevin McCarthy and the GOP are rotten and vengeful to the core:

Then there are the ones that make you question Trump’s mental health. The ones that are so insane, you can’t believe he actually posted them. Like this one, showing Trump (looking mighty young and thin) walking alongside a lion. Amazing that a 76-year-old man actually posted this. No teenager I know would post something so humiliating.

And let’s be real. Animals are usually great judges of people, and that lion would eat Trump in a millisecond, then probably lay under a tree with a rotten stomachache for days from the foulness of his meal.

And people on Twitter had a field day:


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