Creators of MAGA Dating App Whine That There Aren’t Enough ‘Hot Guys’ Using the App

When Bruce Springsteen inducted Jackson Browne into the Rock ‘in Roll Hall of Fame, Springsteen said that he and the E-Street band had opened for Jackson in the early 70s. He said that he was stunned by the amazing number of beautiful women who came to see Browne, while, at the same time, the E-Street band, “obviously through some homoerotic undertones to their music,” were drawing mostly men and not that good-looking men, either. (That is near word for word.)

It struck me upon seeing the conservative MAGA dating site’s “problems,” discussed below, they have the same issue as Springsteen’s opening for Jackson Browne. These MAGAs say that the problem with their dating site is too many gorgeous women and not enough good-looking men.

As a single dad, I can assure you there is not a dating site on earth in which there are too many good-looking women and not enough good-looking men. Not one. Or at least not one that I can afford. Maybe they do exist at a certain entry fee (for guys, not women). We’re off track.

Listen to these guys pimp (maybe the wrong word) their website by lying through their teeth:


So, we were under the impression that the reason that conservative guys were the “alpha males,” which all the beautiful women wanted but his story would seem to be at odds with the assurances made to us.

There IS a secret to getting oneself in a situation where there are too many beautiful women around for the guys. Assuming a guy is a metro-liberal and has a ton of gay friends as all of us do, one goes out to mixed clubs or parties with them. Gay guys always have gorgeous women around because they’re well-read, well-dressed, generally funny, and not pawing at the women scaring them. If you can slip in as the straight guy… you’ve got a shot. Additionally, it’ll surprise no one that gay guys always make their straight friends feel 100% welcome in going out and respect that you’re “different.”

There’s a tip for you, and it didn’t even cost $180 or whatever to join one of the current dating apps.


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