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Ivanka Has Once Again Dissed Kimberly Guilfoyle in the Most AMAZING Way

The Trumps are weird. That is a given. But one is unlikely to find any family more willing to stab someone else in the back – which, to be fair, is far more likely to happen when you find yourself under oath and having to honestly say what you saw and heard. The “back stab” may be almost forced, or even moral. With all the investigations going on, you know there has to be tension within that family, no matter how hard Kimberly works to make it look like a glam party.

Speaking of glam parties, Kimberly recently had her birthday bash in a private home in Jupiter, Florida, with 400 in attendance, according to Page Six [1]. But two people were noticeably absent:

Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner were invited, a source said, but had a previous family commitment. Said a source: “They were invited to Kimberly’s birthday party and were so sad to miss it. Their niece’s bat mitzvah was Thursday evening and it had been planned a long time ago.”

Now, it is likely true that they had a conflicting bat mitzvah, which should be more important in that it’s a milestone that happens once in a lifetime, whereas birthdays come around once a year. But Page Six didn’t confirm that Jared and Ivanka (with divorce rumors [2] swirling) went to the bat mitzvah – notice it doesn’t say that they went. And the only reason that Nicole and I are a little suspicious is that this source sounds like a spokesperson. NO ONE speaks like, “They were invited, and they were so sad to miss it,” except spokespeople hired to handle controversies. “Sooo sad.” To miss a birthday party??? Come on. I call up my brother and say, “Hey man, I really want to go to Digger’s birthday party, but I can’t because I’ve got to be in ______ that day and it won’t work, or you know I’d be there.” And my brother would say, “No problem, I’ll tell him, he’ll understand. Thanks for the heads up.” That’s how it works. No one is “so sad.” I’d rather attend the party, but life conflicts, everyone gets it.

So, what’s really going on? Color us skeptical, especially in light of the very next paragraph brought to us by Page Six:

Ivanka, who has stepped back from her dad’s 2024 campaign [3], seemingly snubbed Guilfoyle, brother Don Jr.’s fiancée, by appearing to crop her out of a photo  [4]from half-sister Tiffany Trump’s wedding [5] last fall.

If you are cropping your brother’s fiance out of pictures, you are not fcking “soooo sad” to miss her birthday party! And if you are cropping her out, you’re also more than willing to find any reasonable-sounding excuse, like the bat mitzvah, which may have been in Denver for all we know, but Jared and Ivanka never left home. The “Source” (Spokesperson) didn’t say they went to the bat mitzvah but made sure to say, “it had been planned a long time ago.”

The original photo on the left, and the one Ivanka posted to IG on the right. Meow.

Basic facts: Ivanka and Jared missed what sounds like a great party if you think like a Trump because they had an important conflict (a bat mitzvah would be a legitimately important conflict), so legitimately important that it’s very “odd” that a “source” (Spokesperson/Planted Source) would say that they were so sad to miss a dumb birthday party. Takeaway: It sounds like someone is trying a little too hard to suppress any “talk” about trouble.

It is a weird dynamic, but then again, it almost has to be. No one knows who is testifying to what, and every one of them knows that they have secrets that would be a “problem” (to say the least) if it got out. As far as Nicole and I can tell, Ivanka has gone underground, and it might be the smartest thing she’s ever done.

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