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LORDY There Are Tapes: Trump Made ANOTHER Phone Call to Georgia, Attempting to Influence 2020 Election Results

He must be indicted.

Try to imagine a Georgia state legislature; let’s make her a Democrat from one of the poorer black districts in the state, one who barely lost her election, maybe by 5,000 votes. Now, imagine that legislator calling up the Secretary of State asking that “she needs 5,000 more votes,” because she won that election. Imagine her calling the Governor, or at least publicly pleading with the Governor (I don’t know of proof that Trump called Brian Kemp personally. I know Trump complained vociferously to Kemp through the media. Now imagine that legislator calling the Speaker of the House, asking for a special legislative session.

That losing legislator would be indicted within six months. You do not call up the Sec. of State to complain about your loss and try to find a way to win. And today, we learned that the GA Grand Jury heard a Trump phone call to the Speaker of the Georgia House of Representatives, wanting a special session, a phone call we only learned about today. From CNN [1]:

Fulton County investigators have an audio recording of a phone call that former President Donald Trump made to the Georgia House speaker to push for a special session to overturn Democrat Joe Biden’s 2020 victory in the state, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

PAY CLOSE ATTENTION: Trump tried to do something that the SCOTUS would essentially allow if they rule in favor of the legislature in North Carolina because the legislature would be able to pick the electors. That is the issue in the lawsuit. And no appeal, no court review at all. Back to CNN:

The Fulton County special grand jury, which investigated Trump’s actions in the state after the 2020 election, heard the recording of Trump’s call to David Ralston, according to five of the jurors who spoke anonymously to the AJC.

The recording adds to what’s known about the pressure campaign by Trump and his allies on Georgia officials. It’s the third audio recording of the former president’s phone calls to Georgia officials that is known to exist.

D.A. Fani Willis has infinitely better judgment than me. But doesn’t she almost have to indict Trump and the others?


[email protected], with Nicole Hickman