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Mary Trump Just Made Another Cryptic Prediction About Uncle Donald and It’s NOT Good News

Even though Donald Trump is political suicide for the Republican Party and is under a slew of criminal investigations and is an absolute monster he’s still the frontrunner in the Republican 2024 presidential primary.

Of course, as Uproxx notes, he only has one GOP opponent right now — former South Carolina governor Nikki Haley, and that undoubtedly helps since she’s disliked by Democrats and Republicans alike and perhaps many fine folks from The Popcorn Factory.

But even if Trump somehow manages to clinch the GOP nomination for the third time come 2024, things don’t really look rosy for him. Polling and history both demonstrate he won’t do well against a Democratic opponent in the general election, especially if that rival should have to be President Joe Biden, writes Queerty’s Graham Gremore.

If there’s anyone who knows Donald Trump well, it’s his estranged niece, Mary Trump. And on her podcast, shared her thoughts about what crazy uncle Donnie will do if he loses again in 2024.

“Voter subversion is apparently a new phenomenon and it’s apparently convincing people that the election was stolen from them, that the election results were illegitimate,” she said.

But then she said something more worrisome.

“I am sure Donald is already telling people that if he loses in 2024, which he will, that it was stolen from them again and he’ll call for another insurrection.”

Speaking to The Sydney Herald ahead of her speaking engagement in Australia, Mary discussed her nutball uncle and what her family really thought of him. She also touched on his eerie ability to manipulate people.

“We all thought he was an a**hole,” she said. “We knew him so well, it never occurred to us anybody could possibly be fooled by him.”

Sadly, we’ve all seen what that has led to.

“He’s also very good at using other people’s weaknesses against them,” Mary said. “He can spot people’s vulnerabilities and either co-opt them or, as we’ve seen time, after time, after time, destroy them. And we can’t discount—I actually hate using this word—but he’s got charisma.”

Well, one could say a rattlesnake’s got charisma too, but it’s less venomous.

And Mary Trump said the quiet part out loud. His real reason for running again in 2024 isn’t because he wants to “make America great again,” (And America has never been great, to begin with).

“I don’t think he ever wanted the job, but he wanted the position,” she said. “Now it’s even more necessary because it makes him a lot of money, which is important to him, and he likes the power.”

“But more than anything else, I think he sees the presidency as the only thing to save him from serious criminal charges and potentially prison—which is probably not a fun way to live.”

Undoubtedly this is a nerve-wracking time for Trump. The DOJ’s special counsel Jack Smith is seemingly investigating him under the microscope as part of two investigations, with the first in question being his alleged mishandling of government documents and the second being his alleged role in inciting the January 6, 2021, Capitol attack.

So yeah, he could be running to avoid criminal prosecution. There is, however, little chance that the prosecutions will stop as he continues to run.

As former Justice Department prosecutor, Michael Weinstein notes:

“I don’t think the department is going to hesitate as a result of Trump nominating himself and anointing himself as the first candidate in the 2024 election. I just think they will see that as him trying to game the system as he’s done very successfully in the courts,” and, he added, they’re prepared for his “blowback.”

Of course, Trump could easily have avoided all this by not following his baser instincts — by not deceiving people, by not perpetuating stereotypes and xenophobia, and simply by treating people — especially women and people of color decently. But he’s not capable of doing this, and since Mary Trump has had to deal with him for decades, she’s only too familiar with this.

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