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Mike Lindell Blames Enemies for MyPillow Falling $10 Million in Debt

How can Mike Lindell be surprised? He alienated over half the country, half that will never buy a “My Pillow” ever again, and he’s now also limited his advertising because his name is synonymous with insanity. If the guy cannot figure out when it’s time to quit fighting for Trump and promising to release the “goods,” why is anyone going to believe that he can create a decent pillow?

Additionally, Mike had some deep pockets and went around talking about rigged election machines and was sued by the machine companies (“And no one knew their names before and yet everyone protects them”…) well, Mike sure got to know their names and spread disinformation on them. Of course, he’s getting sued beyond recognition. Perhaps she should have thought things through a little better from the beginning. Because now, he finds it just “disgusting” that these machine companies would attack a USA-owned company.

Or, Mike is trying to grift as much as he can to reach a settlement that satisfies the machine companies, a settlement that would surely include a statement signed by Lindell saying he was wrong. Now he’s begging for money.

The sad thing is that this is a classic case of #ETTD. Lindell had such a success story. A man who was addicted to crack finds religion and defeats addiction. (We at this site detest addiction and want everyone to get help no matter who it is, including Junior’s issue if he has one). Lindell made a fortune with a goofy sales pitch for a cheesy pillow that may have been slightly better than some, but it’s still just a pillow. He then donated a fortune to help people like himself, still struggling with addiction.

He’s still trying to fight, but this is a broken man, and Trump leaves him behind. Trump couldn’t care less that Lindell went broke fighting for him. As far as Trump is concerned, everyone should go broke fighting for him.


[email protected], @JasonMiciak, with Nicole Hickman

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