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‘This Dude Is ON SOMETHING!’ Trump’s FREAK Statement About Children Upends Twitter

As Ron Filipkowski, professional Trump watcher, says, “This dude is on something.”

Yes, well, that we cannot verify, and, thinking on it a little bit, actual verification would involve some things we’re not particularly interested in seeing or doing. You’d either have to be there or collect… Nah, we’ll go with speculation for now. We “speculate” that Trump is on something in his latest statement.

Our GUESS is “Xanax,” possibly Ativan. He’s a little too quiet, reserved, but just as bat-shit crazy. In the video below, Trump discusses getting rid of the “Estate tax,” a tax that applied to only .1% of Americans in the year 2000. It is a tax on extreme wealth.

Trump seems to be promising to get rid of it. And this is important to the MAGAs because they’re all going to be millionaires and billionaires someday. Ask them. Never mind that we should triple the estate tax and lower the minimum amount, to give tax breaks to people that make less than 50K, Trump wants his voters to know that he’ll do away with it.

GOOD NEWS! As Trump says that if you love your children, you can give it all to them. THEN, bizarrely, he says that “some people do not love their children, and for good reason… ” (Is he telegraphing?) and then says that you don’t have to leave those kids anything. No shit? Because we ALL thought that you had to leave the kids something. Look at the Waltons! Rather than give 90% of it to charity, they pass it all down, ensuring that Waltons five generations down never have to work…

Anyway. Yes, he is on something, and Twitter wholeheartedly agrees:

Twitter, what do you think?


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